The Fest 2016

This upcoming weekend is the annual Punk Festival The Fest. From Friday through Sunday see some of the best Punk bands playing in Gainesville, Florida. From Punk to Hardcore to Indie, to Emo, to Pop-Punk and to Ska over 100’s of bands are playing this festival. This is right after the Pre Fest that is taking place in Tampa Bay, Florida. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Day One October 28, 2016

The Atlantic: Mystery Band, Army of Ponch, Dead Tropics, Empty Vessles, Tired From Now On, Machinst!, Thunderclap, Gouge Away, Ordinary Lives, Widow and Children.

Bo Diddley Plaza: Propagandhi, The Ergs! (Reunion), Latterman (Reunion), Off With Their Heads.

Boca Fiesta: Mystery Band, Toys That Kill, Audacity.

Palomino: Gateway District, Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels, Basement Benders, Sunshine States, Birthday Suits.

Civic Media Center: Ian Graham, Pat Graham, Brightr, Walter Etc, Andrew Paley, Small Brown Bike (Mike Reed Acoustic), War on Women (Acoustic), Signals Midwest (Max Stern Acoustic).

Cowboys: Strike Anywhere, Tim Barry, Lemuria, Red City Radio, PEARS, toyGuitar.

Durty Nelly’s: Dead Broke (Against Me! Cover Set), Russian Girlfriends, Fire In The Radio, The Gunshy, Edmonton, Almost People, fk mt., Loki Danger, Up For Nothing.

High Drive: Mustard Plug, Big D and The Kids Table, The Unlovables, We Are The Union, The Duppies, Just Friends, Mystery Band.

Loosey’s: Mystery Band, Somnia, BOYS, City Mouse, Alright, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond (The Replacements Cover Set), Long Knives, Kowabunga Kid, Better Now, The Stupid Daikini.

Market Street Pub: Hospital Job, Young Ladies, Awkward Age, MakeWar, Dan Webb and the Spiders, Adult Magic, Empty Lungs, Tens, Panther Camp, Guerrilla Poubelle.

Mother’s Pub: Bike Tuff, Debt Neglector, Crit, Melted, Smoke Break.

Rocky’s Piano Bar: Annabel, Lifted Bells, Save Ends, Broadcaster, Meridian, Options, Sinai Vessel, Everyone Leaves, Emilyn Brodsky, The Island of Misfits Toys.

Whisky House: Shellshag (Acoustic), Lincoln Le Ferve, Jeff Shepherd, The Swindlin’ Hearts, Lauris Vidal, Tim Holehouse, Grey Goose, Fire Next Time.

The Wooly’s: Mystery Band, Ship Thieves, Success, Arms Aloft, Elway, Captain We’re Sinking, Mystert Band.

Wyndham Garden (Paramount Plaza) Pool Party: Keep Flying, The Mermers, Zach Quinn, Jason Guy Smiley.

Day Two October 29, 2016

The Atlantic: Mystery Band, Reverse The Curse, ROBES, Sea of Storms, UT-TV, All Eyes West, The Obsessives, Spill, Dead Broke, Ornaments, Deadaires, Veery, Bodyfather, Cicada Radio, Sleeptalker.

Bo Diddley Plaza: Dillinger Four, Samiam, The Menzingers, Braid, The Flatliners, Small Brown Bike, Iron Chic, Dead to Me.

Boca Fiesta: Underground Railroad to Candyland, Sonic Advenues, Tiltwheel, The Brokedowns, Shellshag, Vacation, Shallow Cuts.

Palomino: Too Many Daves, Worthwhile Way, Dead Bars, Stressface, The Tim Version, The Slow Death.

Civic Media Center: Erica Freas, Chris Farren, Chris Stowe, Roger Harvey, Anika Pyle, Georgia Maq (Camp Cope), Hodera (Acoustic), Bobby’s Oar, Jake and The Jellyfish (Acoustic), Scarp Kids, I Came From Earth.

Cowboys: Knapsack, Hard Girls, You Blew It!, Dikembe, Signals Midwest, Prawn, Cheap Girls, Slingshot Dakota, Rozwell Kid, Free Throw, Antarctigo Vespucci, Microwave.

Durty Nelly’s: Campaign, The Gusto, Nightmares For A Week, BARONS, Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish, Not Half Bad, New Junk City, Hot Knife, Old Vices, Nostradogums, Lonesome Town Drifters, The Scutches,  Dead on a Friday, Divided Heaven.

First Magnitude Brewery: Thin Skins, Blood on The Harp, Jeff Shephard, The Gunshy (Matt Arbogast), Tim Holehouse, Jake and The Jellyfish.

Hardback Cafe: As Is, Copper Bones, Crystal Balls, Electro Maggot, Orbiter, Liquid Limbs, Pohgoh, Clairmel, King Friday, Shakers, No More, Pyre, Flat Stanley, Brown Palace, Alexander & The Grapes, Anchor Fast, Broken Things.

High Dive: The Copyrights, Chixdiggit, Broadway Calls, Direct Hit, Wonk Unit, Western Settings, Worship This, Raging Nathans, No Weather Talks, Worries, Tender Defender, The Max Levine Ensemble, Digger, Mystery Band.

Loosey’s: Guided By Voices Tribute Band, Old Flings (Final Show), Late Bloomer, The Fake Boys, Adult Dude, Typesetter, Totallty Slow, Dog and Wolf, Teen Agers, Sister Kisser, Binary Heart, Jabber, Hiccup, Aspiga, Off With Thier Heads (Acotusic), Chris Cresswell, Jason Guy Smiley.

Market Street Pub: Mystery Band, Mystery Band, After The Fall, Wolf-Face, Pkew Pkew Pkew, The Pauses, Nervous Triggers, Hatrabbits, Caffiends, Mental Boy, The Handsome Scoundrels, Prince Daddy and The Hyena, Northbound, Boyfriend Material, MeanGirls, Insignificant Other.

The Midnight: Lincoln Le Ferve, Ducking Punches (Acoustic), Ghouls (Acoustic), Billy Liar (Acoustic), SteveO and The Crippling Addictions, Typesetter (Acoustic), Family Friend.

Rockey’s Piano Bar: Whiskey & Co, The Blacklist Royals, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Timeshares, Arliss Nancy, Joe McMahon (Full Band), Matt Woods, Reconciler.

Tall Paul’s: Just Friends (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover Set), Boardroom Heroes (Bad Religion Cover Set), Caskit (AFI Cover Set), DRUG (Dead Kennedys Cover Set), Runaway Brother (Nada Surf Cover Set), Rozwell Kid & AJJ (Tom Petty Cover Set).

Whiskey Home: Sal Fiteni, Andrew Paley, Sinai Vessel (Caleb Acoustic), Mike From Sunshine State (Lemonheads Cover set), Same Old Steve.

The Wooly: Negative Approach, Floor, War on Women, Drug Church, Ex-Breathers, Ghostlimb, Coke Bust, Post Teens, Night Birds, Mystery Band.

Day Three October 30th, 2016 

The Atlantic: Super Unison, Night Witch, Amygdala, House of Lightning, Meatwound, Department of Correction, Die Choking, Dredger, Bitemarks, Kids.

Big Lou’s: Scott Reynolds, $2 Cheech, KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit), Kepi Ghoulie, Jonathan Coody, Jason Guy Smily, Coffee Project.

Bo Diddley Plaza: Less Than Jake, Masked Intruder, A Wilhelm Scream, PUP, AJJ, The Smith Street Band, RVIVR, Jeff Rosenstock, Cayetana.

Boca Fiesta: Mystery Band, Oso Oso, Dowsing.

Palomino: Recreational Drugs, All People, Alaska, The Otis Wolves, Bong Mountain, Pictures of Vernon, Ratboys, What Gives, Friendship Commanders, You Vandal.

Cowboys: Mac Sabbath, The Randy Savages.

Durty Nelly’s: Heat Rash, Amanda X, DRUG, Pity Party, Partial Traces, Musuem Mouth, Ceramicists, La Peche, Mannequin Pussy, Vasudeva, Hodera, sports., I’m Glad It’s You, Walter Etc.

High Dive: Mystery Band, F.Y.P., The Copyrights, Big Eyes, Tenement, Radon, Gunmoll, Pink Razors, Mean Jeans, Wet Nurse, Sonic Adventures, Golden Pelicans.

Loosey’s: Aerial Salad, Traverese, Andrew Cream, No Fun, Ghouls, Irish Handcuffs, Hughes and The Saturation, Ducking Punches, Jake and The Jellyfish, Kamikaze Girls, The Winter Passing, Daria, Lemmiwinks, Billy Liar, Holy Pinto, The Caulfield Cult, DFMK.

Market Street Pub: Jeff Rosenstock (Minor Threat Cover Set), Damage Done, World’s Scariest Police Chases, Caskitt, Get Dead, Keep Flying, Mikey Erg, Horrible Things, Remainders, The Decline, Boardroom Heroes, Protagonist, Kid You Not, Sarchasm, Hideout.

Rockey’s Piano Bar: Hold Tight! (Last Show), Sundials, Katie Ellen, Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers, Look Mexico, Coaster, Runaway Brother, Jabber (Spice Girl Cover Set), Henrietta.

Tall Paul’s: Have Gun Will Travel, The Enablers, The Ones to Blame, Rivernecks, The Right Here, Everymen, Fire Next Time, Sinners and Saints, Hard Luck Society.

Whiskey House: Lauren Denitizo, Better Now (Acoustic), Mitchell, Keep Flying (Acoustic), MakeWar (Acoustic), Not Half Bad (Acoustic), Alone in Dead Bars, Dead Broke (Acoustic), Andrew Paley.

The Wooly: Torche, Planes Mistaken Stars For Planes, J.Robbins, United Nations, Twelve Hour Turn, Creepoid, Such Gold, Choke Up, Frameworks.




The Fest 2016

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