Death Metal Pope, Draw The Line, Sanction, Petal Head, and Heal @ Shakers Pub 10/19/16

Last Wednesday, Death Metal Pope played their Long Island date of their October tour. Death Metal Pope are a Long Island local Stoner/Doom Metal band that just recently released an EP titled Harvest. They had all local Long Island bands opening up for them at this show. The show was also a mix genre that featured Metalcore, Beatdown, Melodic Hardcore and Shoegaze band. A lot of people came out on a Wednesday for a mix genre show which was great for all of the bands.

The opening band of the night was Heal. This was the only band on the lineup that I have never seen before. I have been wanting to see  Heal for awhile ever since they released an EP/Demo almost a year ago. The band got on and started to play. Once they started to play I really liked what I heard. There were some Deftones influences and  I heard some Hum too. What I like about this band is that they do not sound like Melodic Hardcore bands like Counterparts or Hundredth. There are no breakdowns and the band focus more on their songs. Some of the audience seem to enjoy while others seems to be standing there. Overall Heal played a pretty good set. I would like to see this band again.

The next band was Petal head. This was my third time seeing this local Shoegaze band. I have not seen this band since they payed Incendiary’s holiday show back in December 2015. They recently released an EP on Dead Broke Records titled In My Head Dreams Melt. These guys are a three piece and they are very loud. Their sound is similar to both Nothing and Whirr. They a played a pretty good set. They were somewhat of the odd band out of the lineup. Overall if you like Shoegaze check these guys out.

Sanction was up next. This was my eighth time seeing this band. Sanction is a band that takes influences from the 90’s and early 2000’s Metalcore scene. They have these really intense riffs mixed with some great breakdowns. The last time i saw them was when they opened up for Ramallah back in August. Once they started to the play the crowd went off. Every song they played had a great reaction. This band always gets a good reaction and every time they sound so tight. Sanction has only been a band for over a year now and they sound like they been playing for over five years. Sanction is great and if you have never seen this band go see them. They played a great set last Wednesday and the next time they will playing is October 30th Amityville Music Hall opening up for Knocked Loose.

Draw The Line took the stage. This was my fourth time seeing this Long Island Beatdown band. I have not seen Draw The Line since the Separated record release show for Force Fed Misery last July. They released an EP Stake Your Claim back in June. Once they started to play they probably got the best reaction ever. This was also their best set they ever played. I was really surprised by how well the band played. I also was not expecting a good reaction for them. The band got a new drummer and I believe this was his first show with the band. Overall the band played a really good set. Their next show will be at Shakers Pub for Forced Out’s record release show End of Suffering with Hangman and Jab.

Death Metal Pope was the final band of the night. I just recently saw this band opening for Crowbar at AMH a few weeks ago in September. This was my third time seeing this band. I mention before that they are a Stoner/Sludge Metal band and they recently released an EP titled Harvest. The band started to play and everyone who stuck around moved up front for them. Death Metal Pope was so good on Wednesday and they played so tight. Three guys playing some real heavy music. I love the mix between the vocals. One was some really good clean vocals while the other one are close to growls. When they opened up for Crowbar I thought they were the best band of the night and even last Wednesday I felt the same. If you like Black Sabbath or Kyuss or even Pentagram check this band out because this band should be bigger. I can not wait to see their next Long Island show.

Death Metal Pope, Draw The Line, Sanction, Petal Head, and Heal @ Shakers Pub 10/19/16

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