Woopsie Fest

This upcoming weekend is the event Woopsie Fest. This festival takes place at Fubar in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a three day festival and there are two stages. The lineup is filled with Punk, Emo, and Indie bands. For the festival they are donating 25% of profit to RAINN For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Day One Friday Oct 21, 2016

Dowsing, Tweak, Ratboys, Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird, Lobby Boxer, Path if Might, Boy Rex, Infinite Me, Anthony Sanders, We Love You, Krelboyne, Glasir, Boys Club, Yonsei.

Day Two Saturday Oct 22, 2016

Maps and Atlases, Gatherers, Hikers, Lume, Family Medicine, Secret Stuff, Au Revoir, Hodera, A Film In Color, Lions, Staghorn, Jr. Clooney, Atsuko Chiba, Pictures of Vernon, The Foxery, Our Lady, Holy Gallos, Mimisiku, Man Mountain, Alaska, DayBringer, Lavender, Fleshborn, Kississppi, Anzio, Hey Rabbit!, LifeWithout, Vanilla Beans.

Day Three October 23, 2016

Mock Orange, Forever Losing Sleep, Annabel, Oso Oso, Warren Franklin, Runaway Brother, Coaster, Yowie, Jorge Arana Trio, Ikaray, Ursa Major, Messes, Heavy Mantle, The Menagerie, Larks Tongue, Canyons, Ankou, Mariner, Coma Regalia, Roachblunt, Plague Walker, Atorias, Gas Up Yr Hearse, Sunwyrm, Duck Brown.


Woopsie Fest

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