So What? Music Festival 2016 Fall Edition

This upcoming weekend is the Fall version of the annual festival So What. So What is a Texas festival that is usually taking place during March. The festival is right after SXSW. The day festival features a lot of bands from different genres. This is a mix festival. This takes place in Dallas, Texas at the venue Deep Ellum. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Day One October 21st, 2016 

Acceptance, Aaron Gillespie, Ace Enders, Veridia, Avion Roe, City Under Siege, Closure, DYE Young, Head Injuries, Least of These, Mariner, Mount Tyrant, Odd Folks, Shadow of Whales, The Orphan The Poet, Vinnie Caruana.

Hatrebreed, Devildriver, Devil You Know, The Number 12 Looks Like You, He is Legend, ’68, A Tragedy At Hand, At All Cost, Beneath A Dying Sun, Convictions, Cruel Hand, Eternal Sleep, Everyone Dies in Utah, Exalt, In Search of Sight, Levels, Morningside, Ringworm, Rival Choir, Russian Girlfriends, Seeker, Skies Have Fallen, Suffer, The Human Condition, Survival Method, To Speak of Wolves, Until We Are Ghost, Will To Die.

Day Two October 22nd, 2016

Citizen, Have Mercy, Hawthorne Heights, Blue The Misfits Agerasia, Chase Huglin, Christy Ray, Conspire, Daisyhead, Dependence, Devy Stonez, Forever Starts Today, Free At Last, Glass Houses, Imperial D, Life Lessons, Limbs, Losing Teeth, Mirror Eyes, My Only Safe Haven, Nicole Dollananger, Nominee, Oh Captain My Captain, September Stories, The John Stewart, VRYWVY, Where Crowds May Gather, XES.

Dance Gavin Dance, The Contortionist, Polyphia, Jonny Craig, Psychostick, Acolyte, Chrysalis, Concepts, Fever Youth, Good Tiger, Hail The Sun, Icarus The Owl, In Her Own Words, Kyle Lucas, Myke Terry, The Leader The Legend, The White Noise, Urizen, Whitney Peyton, Williams Blake.

Day Three October 23rd, 2016 

Balacne and Composure, The Rocket Summer, William Beckett, Foxing, Bobby Sessions, Sam Lao, 7 Minutes in Heaven, Between Calirfonia & Summer, Blindwish, Chase Jordan, Coldfront, David Morgan, David Shabani, Desires Hazing, Hotel Books, Kenny Holland, Marina City, Mercury Girls, Mutemor, Niro, Oh Weatherly, Outliers, Recent Rumors, The John Stewart, The News Can Wait, The Stolen,Ursaminor, Will Deely, Woven in Hiatus.

We Came As Romans, Palisades, I Declare War, Vanna, 2×4, A Soundings Sea, Assuming We Survive, Auras, Birth Rite, Bloodline, Bodysnatcher, Capsize, Drake Complex, DED, Dispositions, Far From Earth, Fighting Chance, Fire From The Gods, Hollowed Out, Invoker, It Lives It Breathes, Moon Tooth, No Bragging Rights, Outline In Color, Smoke Signals, Spite, The Human Experiment, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, To The Wind, Toothgrinder, Trails of Man, Traitors, Unity-EX.


So What? Music Festival 2016 Fall Edition

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