Joyce Manor, The Hotelier, and Crying @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 10/18/16

Last Tuesday,  Joyce Manor Played a sold out show in Brooklyn. They are currently touring with The Hotelier and Crying. The venue for the show was Music Hall of Williamsburg. Music Hall of Williamsburg is a cool venue to see shows. The cap room is over 500 and this venue always has the best shows. Most of the shows I have been to here were sold out and a lot of fun. Also 5/6 shows I have attend here had no barricade. Last Tuesday show had no barricade and this was my first time seeing Joyce Manor without one so I knew this show was going to be crazy.

Crying was the opening band of the night. Crying are from Purchase, New York. This was my second time seeing this Chiptune band. For those who do not know what Chiptune means this is a sub-genre that mix between Punk, Indie, and Electronic music. The instruments are Guitar, Drums, and a plug in Gameboy. Sounds really crazy and it is really interesting to watch live. Personally I was not a fan of the band or their sound. The sound is different but without the Nintendo sound effects it is basically straight forward Indie Rock. The band played a good set and they were some people into them. As I mention before this band was not for me but if you like nerdy Indie Rock then check them out. I believe they just recently their first LP on Run For Cover Records so check that out if you like them.

The Hotelier was up next. This is my second time seeing this Massachusetts Emo band. The last time I saw was last fall playing a headline show at the Studio at Webster Hall. The Hotelier got on stage and started to play. They opened up with “An Introduction to the Album”and the crowd sang along. They were a lot of people there for The Hotelier but Joyce Manor had the majority of fans there. Most of the set they played was from the new album Goodness and the album before that Home, Like Noplace is There. The songs sounded great but the reaction from the crowd was very calm. I was somewhat surprised because the last time I saw them the lead singer wanted no one to stage dive and wanted everyone to be safe. That set was insane. This set was really laid back and but The Hotelier played great so I was not mad by this. Also it was Christian Holden (Lead singer) birthday so everyone was screaming Happy Birthday to him. Overall this was a great set from The Hotelier. They put on another great set and if you not seen them you have to. It is really hard to compare them to another band because they are very unique but if you like Punk mixed with some Indie go listen and support this band.

Joyce Manor took the stage at 10 pm. Joyce Manor are from Torrance, California This was my second time seeing this Indie/Pop Punk band. I saw them last Fall playing the Grand Ballroom. I was blown away from that set. I was really excited to see them again. They are currently on tour supporting their new album Cody which came out October 7 on Epitaph Records. They came on stage and they said, “Hey we’re Joyce Manor and this is “Heart Tattoo.” The crowd went berserk for this song. The entire the crowd never calm down at all until someone from the second level threw a folding chair down at the audience. The show actually stop and the general manager of the venue got on stage and wanted everyone to relax. This was first for me seeing someone actually throw a chair at a crowd for a big show. Besides this the crowd seemed to have a blast. When Joyce Manor played some of their new songs the crowd still was going off. People were singing along to them. Cody is really good record and the band took a step back from they fast pace emotional Punk music. Overall Joyce Manor played an fantastic set. Joyce Manor is a band I could see night after night. I could not believe how fast the set went. I have a love/hate relationships with bands that play short songs. I love that these bands will play long sets but I hate they rip threw their sets because of the short songs. Still I had a wonderful time during Tuesday’s night show seeing these great bands.


Joyce Manor, The Hotelier, and Crying @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 10/18/16

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