Long Island Local Showcase @ AMH 10/9/16

Last Sunday, Whittled Down headline a local Long Island mix genre show at Amityville Music Hall. The lineup featured some of the best locals and upcoming bands that are from Long Island. The lineup was Whittled Down, Table Talk, Hangman, Casanova, Warehouse, Bedmakers, and Limit. Unfortunately I missed Limit and Bedmakers due to waiting on a friend. Limit is a new LIHC band that is straight forward. Their songs are fast and they big back the late 80’s NYHC style. Bedmakers on the other hand are a sick Indie band. The lead singer Gerry is a talent kid. He has great vocals and he guitar playing is sick. Bedmakers always plays a great set and I was bummed that i missed it. Support these two bands.

Warehouse was the first band I saw that night. This was my third time seeing them I have not seen this band since May when they opened up for Lost Souls and Malfunction. Warehouse started to play and people went off. Warehouse is a straight forward hardcore band. The songs were not long and they were not heavy on the breakdowns. They have a similar sound to Madball. I notice some people singing along to the truth Every song had a great reaction and this what the band needed. I even saw some stage dives during the set. Warehouse said they will be releasing a EP soon so be on the look out for that. Overall they played a really good set and I would love to see this band.

Casanova was up next. I have not seen this band since the beginning of this year. This was my ninth time seeing this Shoegaze band. Casanova is one of the only bands on Long Island that truly captures the 90’s sound. The influences you can hear is the Pixies, My Bloody Valnetine, Weezer and The Breeders. Most Shoegaze lead singer has low vocals but you could hear the vocal fine with this band. The instruments are not over powering the vocal plus the songs are very catchy. The one thing I always liked about this band is that every song has somewhat of shoegaze breakdown. what I mean by this songs are not just verse chorus versus. The guitar players of the band just go off on their guitars and pedals. This very similar to Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. Overall Casanova played a really good set. I believe they have an EP coming out so you know what to do with that.

Hangman took the stage. Every time I see this band they just gets better and better. I write about this band a lot but they never disappoint at all. This was my eleventh time seeing them. This past Sunday’s set was possibly my favorite hangman set. They just started to play and crowd went off. They were a lot of people moshing to them. Also there was a a lot of people up front for them. This was my first time seeing people singing along and getting the mic from them. Back in July they released their EP Hangman II and since then more and more go off for their sets. Every song the pit never died and people were even stage diving for them. This set was fantastic. If you like bands like Backtrack and Biohazard this band is for you. Hangman was really sick and I could not believe the amount of people going for them. Overall go see Hangman if you have not. Their next Long Island show is November 13th at AMH. The show is a Sunday matinee and they are opening up for Maximum Penalty and Born Low.

Table Talk took the stage. This was my sixth time seeing this Long Island Indie band. I have not seen Table Talk play AMH since February when Shorebreak had their record release show. Table Talk started to play and I notice a lot of people upfront for them. People started to sing along and then all of sudden people started to mosh to them. This was a first for me to witness this. I could not believe but at the same time it was good for Table Talk. Since they released their self titled Table Talk has been getting a lot of hype. These guys worked really hard for this. Table Talk played a fantastic set and if you get a chance to see Table Talk  do it they are well worth seeing live.

Whittled Down was the final band of the night. I saw them play AMH the other night opening up for Counterparts for a special late night show. This was my twelve time seeing this local Screamo band. They played the same set from Thursday. The first two songs were off their new EP. Comparing the two sets this set was better because the amount of people that were up in front singing along to the band. The band loved it. After that was two songs off of their 2-15 EP and followed by their new song. Once again Whittled Down played an fantastic set. Next weekend Whittled Down and Table Talk will be doing a weekend on the East Coast together. The last show of that min tour will be Whittled Down opening up For Touche Amore at SUNY Oneonta. However their next Long Island will be November 5th with some other locals from Long Island like Separated and Johnny Booth. Overall every band was sick. Long Island has the best scene and shows like last Sunday should happen more often.


Long Island Local Showcase @ AMH 10/9/16

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