Fucked Up, Iron Chic, and Somerset Thrower @ AMH 10/7/16

Last Friday, Fucked Up played their first ever Long Island show. They are currently on tour opening up for the Descendents. The following night they were playing with them at a sold out show at PlayStation Theater in New York City. This was almost a sold out show and they were a lot of people there pack in at AMH. Fucked Up had Long Island greats Iron Chic and Somerset Thrower which was really sick.

The opening band of the night was Somerset Thrower. This was my fourth time seeing this Long Island Grunge/Alternative rock band. They are heavily influenced by bands like Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., and Smashing Pumpkins. There was a lot of people there for them once they started to play. While they were playing a lot of people were just laid back. I expect some of the audience to know their material. I was surprise by this because they play shows with Iron Chic often. Overall Somerset Thrower played a really good set. They are a very underrated local act and they need more attention on them.

Iron Chic was up next. This was my third time seeing this Long Island Punk band. I have not seen them play since last December at Mr. Beery’s with Vacation and Oso Oso. I missed them quite a few times this year. This was actually my first time seeing them play at AMH. After waiting a long time to see this band again I was excited to see them play last Friday night. Once they started to play the crowd went nuts. Now this was an old crowd but still they had a lot of energy. People were stage diving and crowd surfing. The stage at Amityville Music Hall is small and is a little hard to dive off of. The band was feeding off the energy of the crowd and this set was fantastic. This was probably my favorite Iron Chic set I have seen. Iron Chic has to be the best Punk band from Long Island. They always have a great set and well worth seeing every time. Their next show is October 20 for their final Aviv show in Brooklyn with Greensleep.

Fucked Up took the stage. Fucked Up is from Canada and this was my second time seeing them. Before they played a note I knew this set was going to be nuts. Fucked Up plays with a lot of energy. I saw Fucked Up a few weeks prior at Riot Fest. That was one of the best sets of the weekend. Once they started to play the crowd went off. There were people up front singing and stage diving. I mention before that the stage was small at AMH so Fucked Up has six members which looked crazy from a distance. Seeing everyone trying to have space on the stage to play and the singer is just all over stage and the audience. Just like Riot Fest the lead singer was everywhere. He was by the bar, the audience, and anywhere you could image in AMH. He got to the bar and started to drink a lot of Jack Daniels. Then got a plastic cup and smash it on his head where he stuck on for a good portion of the set. The best as when he cartwheel to the back door. Fucked Up played an wonderful set. Overall if you have not seen Fucked Up well you Fucked Up by not seeing this band.

Fucked Up, Iron Chic, and Somerset Thrower @ AMH 10/7/16

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