Ovlov, Caddywhompus, Donovan Wolfington, and Jackal Onasis @ Shea Stadium 10/05/16

Last Wednesday, Donovan Wolfington and Caddywhompus began their short East Coast tour at Shea Stadium. They just got back from playing a European tour together. I was excited going to this show because I love Donovan Wolfington and the show was at Shea Stadium. Shea Stadium is my favorite venue in Brooklyn. I like the way the room is set up and shows are usually great here.

The opening band of the night was Jackal Onasis. This is a local New York band and they are a three piece. This was my first time seeing them and I never checked out before the show. The band started late and played a short set. When they first started to play I liked them on the spot. The first song was really good. It sounded similar to Pity Sex and some 90’s Alternative rock bands. Vocally the singing was leading towards Pity Sex where instrumental they reminded me of Hum. The singing was mostly the drummer which I always find impressive. Drummers who are also singers I give them a lot of credit. I really like their sound a lot. Jackal Onasis were solid openers for the show.

Up next was Donovan Wolfington which I was surprise because they would headline but a few days prior to the show the band Ovlov was booked as the headliner. There was a lot of people there for D Wolf. This was my fourth time seeing this New Orleans Punk band. I was up front for this band and once they started to play it was great. They played a great set and they sounded fantastic. The one thing I was disappointed was the amount of people there who did not know the lyrics to the songs. People were just standing there. For me I was having a great time but I just want to see more people into this band. Besides that Donovan Wolfington played wonderful and if you have not seen this band you are messing up big time.

Caddywhompus was up next. They are from New Orleans. This is a guitar and drum duo. They faced each other and played just like bands like The White Stripes, ’68, and The Obsessives. The guitarist and singer of the band had a huge set up for his pedal board. Caddywhompus is a noisy Pop experimental band. The band a little bit all over the place and there were a lot of people up front for them. That was also people singing along to them too.  I was surprise by this but then I realized this band has been around for awhile and has not played NYC for a little bit. They played a really good set and they are worth checking out.

The final band of the night was Ovlov. This was my second time seeing this Indie band from Newtown, Connecticut.  I saw this band recently for the first time a few weeks ago opening up for Basement at Revolution Music Hall in Long Island. They played a good set there and they also played a good set at Shea. During this set I notice a lot of people left after Caddywhompus. I thought this was lame but the show was running late so I can see why people left. Overall Ovlov played a good set. If you like upbeat shoegaze this band is for you.

Ovlov, Caddywhompus, Donovan Wolfington, and Jackal Onasis @ Shea Stadium 10/05/16

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