Counterparts, Kills and Thrills, Survivor’s Guilt, and Whittled Down @ AMH 10/6/16

Last Thursday, Counterparts played a secret headline show on Long Island. Counterparts is currently on tour with Parkway Drive and We Came As Romans. The day before at Playstation Theater they announced they were playing this show. The lineup was full of Long Island bands especially some bands that have not played a show in a while. The show was a late show and doors were after 10 pm. This was almost close to being sold out and over 170 people were there.

The opening band of the night was Whittled Down. This was my 11th time seeing this Screamo Revival band. I notice there were a lot of people there and that was sick. I think they were more people watching this set compare to the time I saw them opening up Basement. Whittled Down began to play. Their first two songs were off of their new split EP with the Kentucky band The Menagerie. For the rest of the set people sang along to them which was great. It will always be good seeing the audience singing along to local bands. The last song was their new song that will be on their full length. Overall Whittled Down played another great set and they probably gained some new fans out of this set. Check out this band, they will be hitting a little weekend tour where one of the dates will be opening up Touche Amore in SUNY Oneonta.

Survivor’s Guilt was up next. This was my third time seeing them play. The last time I saw them was when they opened up for Iron Chic the FINAL Wood Shop show last Fall (October/November?). This band recently had a breakup or just stop playing shows for a period of time. This was their first show back and this was a prefect lineup for them. I think their last show was back in April. The band is a mix of Melodic Hardcore/Post Hardcore. They were more people inside to watch them play. I forgot how good this band and they are very unrated. I like the mix of Post Hardcore parts that blended in with some Emo influences. Overall for their comeback set was really good.

Kills and Thrills was up next. Just like Survivor’s Guilt, Kills and Thrills has not played a show for awhile. For them this was their first show in over three years. For a comeback show this was prefect for them. Kills and Thrills are mix between Hardcore and Metalcore. If you are fans of Every Time I Die, The Chariot, and Glassjaw this band is for you. Basically if you like chaotic bands with some Rock N Roll People started to mosh for them and I notice some people singing along to them which was sick. I liked what I heard from this band. I heard a lot of good things about this band and I was glad I got a chance to see them. They played a solid set.

The final band of the night was Counterparts. This was my third time seeing this Canadian Melodic Hardcore band. This was actually my first time seeing them play show. The other two times I saw them play festival which was Spring Mixtape 2014 and Summer Mixtape 2015. Counterparts always put on a good set and they did not let down on Thursday. The time they got on was a few minutes before 1 am. The lead singer talked about how sick it was to have people here for them this late at night. The pit was pretty intense at some points. There were a lot of people upfront and singing along.  Counterparts played a really good set. I am not a big fan of them but they sure give it their best while playing live. If you like Melodic Hardcore and you never seen Counterparts you are messing up big time. They probably are one of the biggest bands of that style of music and they kill it live.

Counterparts, Kills and Thrills, Survivor’s Guilt, and Whittled Down @ AMH 10/6/16

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