Pinelands Music Fest 2016

This upcoming Sunday is Pinelands Music Fest. This festival is mostly an Indie/Emo fest. This is taking place in Millville, New Jersey at the Cumberland Fair Grounds. This is a one day only fest. This is an all ages event and tickets are $38. I will not be attending this festival but if you are going check out Rich People, Young English, and Breaking Tradition. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.


Hawthorne Heights, Hidden In Plain View, Sleepwave, Don’t Look Down, ’68, CRUISER, Such Gold, Prawn, Head North, Young English, Owel, Your Persona, Brock Landers, Pines, Sleep In, Breaking Tradition, Hot Gospel, Rich People, Better Machines, Good Luck Sigourney, Kid Felix, CLOAKZ, My Life on Film, Old City Revival, Kin Mondo.

Pinelands Music Fest 2016

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