Upcoming Shows 10/7/16-10/13/16

Here’s another list of upcoming shows i would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State era.

October 7th

  1. AMH- Fucked Up, Iron Chic, Somerset Thrower.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Green Day.
  3. My Place Pizza- Recycled Earth, Mind Force, Hangman, Slavestate, Maniac, Dark Past.
  4. Knockdown Center- Knockout Kid, Settle Your Score, Basilisk, Another Astronaut, Staleworth, Setbacks.
  5. Arlene’s Grocery- Candiria, Primitve Weapons, Cavallo.
  6. Market Hotel- Titus Andronicus, Happiness.
  7. World Citizen Party House- Oso Oso, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, The Blackships, Jouska.
  8. Saint Vitus Bar- Saint Vitus, The Skull, Witch Mountain.
  9. Warsaw- Warpaint, Facial.
  10. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Wild Pink, Bears, What Moon Things, Big Eater.

October 8th

  1. Webster Hall- Green Day, All Dogs.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Balanced and Composure.
  3. Market Hotel- Titus Androncius, Happiness.
  4. Blackthorn 51- Candiria, Carbomb, The Last Stand, Eternal Conscience, Desolate, Another Day’s Armor, TBA.
  5. Fat Baby NYC- Leveless, Gillan Carter, Aspine, Ultra Deluxe.
  6. Shakers Pub- Noisear, Motherbrain, Cognitive, The Communion, Theatus, Further Down.
  7. Saint Vitus Bar- Strike Anywhere, A Global Threat, War on Women.
  8. House Show- Nerves End, Gamma Ghouls, Enablers, Impact, I Disappear, Plank, Rival Threat, Spit It Out, Baby Sandwiches.

October 9th

  1. AMH- Whittled Down, Table Talk, Hangman, Casanova, Warehouse, Bedmakers, Limit.
  2. Sinclairs Pub- Longest War, Wreckage, Comb The Desert, Carbon Thief, Enziguri.
  3. Sunnyvale NYC- Primal Rate, Mad Existence, Claim, Rare Form, The Lion’s Cage.
  4. Basement Show- Bad Noids, Barbed Wire, TBA.
  5. Mother’s Pug Saloon- Candiria, Tombs, Meek is Murder.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Strike Anyhwere, A Global Threat, War on Women.

October 10th

  1. Aviv- Slingshot Dakota, Kississippi, Fern Mayo.
  2. Irving Plaza- RX Bandits.

October 11th

  1. Alfie’s Place- Candiria, Billy Club Sandwhich, Circuits of Suns.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Vermin Womb, Gadget, Pyyhon, Organ Dealer.
  3. Market Hotel- Cloud Nothings, Shellshag.
  4. Baby’s All Right- NOTS, The World, The Meltaways.

October 12th

  1. AMH- Listener, Mercy Ties, Birds in Row, Mutiny Aboard, Graves.
  2. Mercury Lounge- From Indian Lakes, Made Violent, Wild Wild Horses.
  3. Irving Plaza- Simple Plan.

October 13th

  1. Aviv- Big Ups, Greys, Patio, Yucky Duster.
  2. 73 Gallery & Design Studio- Man Dancing, LKFECT, Mr. Phylzzz, Weller, Roswell Debacle.
  3. Alphaville, Power, Honey, Barbed Wire.
Upcoming Shows 10/7/16-10/13/16

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