Gonerfest 13

This upcoming weekend is the annual Indie fest Gonerfest. Gonerfest is a four day that takes place at Multiple venues in Memphis, TN. The record label Goner Records puts together this festival ever year with bands all across North America and the world. The fest starts on Thursday and ends Sunday. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Thursday Day One September 29th

Cooper Young Gazebo: Nots

Hi Tone: Reigning Sound, Fred & Toody, Useless Eater, Counter Intuits, Chook Race, Hash Redactor.

Friday Day Two September 30th 

Memphis Made: Pity, Trampoline, Kool 100s, LSDOGS.

Hi Tone: Black Lips, Blind Shake, Buck Biloxi, Power, Aquarian Blood, Opposite Sex.

Saturday Day Three October 1st 

Murphy’s (Inside): Bloody Show, Zerodent, Archie & The Bunkers, Bloodbags, Causal Burn.

Murphy’s (Outside): Spray Paint, The World, Oh Boland, Iron Head, Fire Retarded.

Hi Tone: Congo  & The Pink Monkey Birds, Midnight Snaxxx, Control Freaks, Bloodshot Bill, Sick Thoughts, Couteau Latex.

Sunday Day Four October 2nd 

Cooper: Young Gazebo: Rev. John Wilkins.

Gonerfest 13

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