Upcoming Shows 9/23/16/9/29/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State Area.

September 23rd

  1. AMH- Crowbar, This LIfe We Live, Diesel, Death Metal Pope, Carcosa.
  2. Mexicali Live- Suburban Scum, Maximum Penalty, The Banner, Jagged Visions, Steel Nation, Laid 2 Rest, Jukai, Threat 2 Society.
  3. Webster Hall- Peter Hook & The Lights.
  4. Terminal 5- The Kills, LA Witch.
  5. Kings Theater- Explosions in the Sky, Destroyer.
  6. The Studio at Webster Hall- The Maine.
  7. Saint Vitus Bar- Black Table, Bleak, Sunrot, Foehammer, Chepans.
  8. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Funebrum, Pissgrave, Toxicology.
  9. Cianfano’s Bar- Scary Stories, Circadian Lapse, Out Live Death.

September 24th

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Julien Baker, Allison Crutchfield and The Fizz, Graying.
  2. AMH- The Nihilistics, Two Man Advantage, Splinter Face, Dukey Dukeborns Blizzard of Puke, Not Saved, Worms Meat.
  3. Aviv- Signals Midwest, Timeshares, Plainclothes, Cold Wrecks.
  4. Mr. Beery- Sister Kisser, Unwelcome Guests, Greensleep, Tripfiles.
  5. Brookyln Bazaar- Ted Leo, The Britany, Big Huge, The Regrets.
  6. Blackthorn 51- Agnostic Front, Apparititon, Decimate The Living, We All Die, On Point, Cherry Pop, Scarboro.
  7. Market Hotel- LVL Up, Ovlov, Forth Wanderers, Vagabon.
  8. Mercury Lounge- The Fuzz, Family Fun.
  9. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- I The Mighty, Dayshell, Artifex Pereo, Picturesque.
  10. Shea Stadium- Tournament, Dino Boys, The Tough Shits, Bob Man.
  11. Aviv- Rebelmatic, Bars, Headless Elvis, Fear is Dead.
  12. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Teenage Halloween, A Deer A Horse, Clan Jam, gobbingr, The Young Rochelles.
  13. Cianfano’s Bar- Bleak, Furnace Head, Glare, Ubasute, Polyphony.
  14. Don Pedro- Bombscare, Winter Nights, Sycariary, Hack, Haagenti, Mad Diesel, Ferrett, Trez Muertoz, Total Waste, Ah Guevo.

September 25th

  1. The Brighton Bar- Agnostic Front, Choke Artist, Mom Fight, Sunny Bans, Point Blank NYHC.
  2. 89 North- The Muckrakers, Reluctant Mortem, Vigil Antics, This Crooked Home,  The Nightmare Police, The Target Audience.

September 26th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Crowbar, White Widows Pact, Godmaker.
  2. Looney Tunes- Jimmy Eat World.

September 27th

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Beach Slang.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Beach Slang, Mr. Shankly and The Franklys.
  3. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- One Eyed Doll, Open Your Eyes, Echo Black, Candy Brain.
  4. The Meatlocker- Tinetupzzz, Chiorobo, Jesse Etc, Bars.
  5. Market Hotel- Jeff The Brotherhood, Music Band, Stayed Eyed.

September 28th

  1. Starland Ballroom- Green Day, All Dogs.
  2. BAR- LVL Up, Pupppy, Spit-Take.
  3. Market Hotel- Bear Vs Shark.

September 29th

  1. Irving Plaza- Taking Back Sunday, You Blew It.
  2. Sinclairs Pub- The Vibrators, Skeevotz, Too Many Voices, The Loose Lips.
  3. The Silent Barn- All Dogs, Mannequin Pussy, Outer Spaces, Katie Ellen.
  4. Alphaville- Pollen, Razorheads, Suburersve Rite.
  5. Music Hall of Williamsburg- The Growlers.
  6. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Menace, The Clap, Drunken Rampage.
  7. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Ceschi Ramoes, Moodie Black, Teenage Halloween, The Hills and The Rivers, Whiner, Offkey Lifestyle.
  8. Market Hotel- Health, YVETTE, Dreamcrusher.
Upcoming Shows 9/23/16/9/29/16

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