Hope For Shelter 2

This weekend is the second annual Hardcore festival Hope For Shelter. This is a two day festival that takes place in Texas. The festival is located in San Antonio at the venue The Korova. The festival offers some of the best Hardcore bands from the South, Midwest, and Texas. There are a lot of great band on this lineup and if you are going have a great time.


Will To Leave, Bind, Beg For Life, Pulled Under, Survival Method, Judiciary, Snakewar, Hardside, Iron Born, Fight Pretty, Safe and Sound, Lowered A.D., Barbarian, Heavens Die, Lesser Degree, Omerta, Sledge, Dismal Dream, Full Measures, Shadow of Doubt, Mourned, New Methods, Inrage, Ramses, Empires, Death Trap, Liar’s Tongue, Seeing Red, Afraid of Life, Terminal Nation, Shame, Lower Depths, Creeping Death, Scorn, Keyhole, Life Cycles.

Hope For Shelter 2

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