Basement, Eskimeaux, Ovlov, and Whittled Down @ Revolution 9/6/16

Last Tuesday, Basement played their Long Island date of their tour. They had Eskimeaux and Ovlov as openers on the tour. Basement also had one local opener with Whittled Down. This show took place at Revolution Music Hall which is in Amityville, New York and also down the block from Amityville Music Hall. Unfortunately this was not a sold out show. I was a little surprise by this because there are a lot of people who listen to Basement.

Whittled Down was up first. This was my tenth time seeing this local Screamo/Melodic Hardcore band. Recently this band released a split this past summer with the band The Menagerie. They started off their set with the two songs off of that EP. There were probably over 60 people there for this band which was cool. I notice there was a few people singing along to their songs. Whittled Down sound is mixed with Balanced and Composure, Defeater, and Touché Amore. This was somewhat of a different show for them and they defiantly gained some of fans out of this set. Overall Whittled played a great set. The next Long Island show for this band is October 9th up the road at AMH with Table Talk, Casanova, Warehouse, Bedmakers, and Limit.

Ovlov was up next. Ovlov is from Connecticut. I have been hearing about this band for awhile. They have played NYC a lot in recently years and I had multiple chances to see them. Ovlov have some what of a Shoegaze band with some 90’s Alternative rock influences. The band started to play and the crowd was calm during this set. I think if this show was in Brooklyn this band would have gotten a better reaction. I was a little surprise people were not going off for them. Overall I liked the band and their sound. If they come back around I would prefer to see them either in Brooklyn or their home state in Connecticut.

Eskimeaux was up next. Eskimeaux is from Brooklyn, New York. Eskimeaux is another band I have been hearing about for awhile. I see the name a lot on Brooklyn lineups. I never got a chance to see them. It was pretty cool of Basement to put them on their lineup. They started to play. Eskimeaux is an Indie act and they played a pretty good set. There were some people singing along to them. Overall I was not huge into them but their set was good.

Basement was up next. This was my sixth time seeing this band. The last time I saw them play was back in April when they sold out the Music Hall of Williamsburg. By the time Basement got on, the show still did not sell out. I was very disappointed by this. For those who never bother to check them out, their sound is Emo with some Punk and 90’s Alternative influences. Basement took the stage and the place went off. They started off with “Whole.” People were moshing, singing along, and stage diving. Long Island went off. Basement set was a mix of all three albums. They played almost an hour and the set went by too quick. The set was 14 songs and I wish they played more. I have nothing bad to say about this band or any of the bands that played last Tuesday. Everyone played a good set. I will be seeing Basement next week in Chicago for Riot Fest.

Basement, Eskimeaux, Ovlov, and Whittled Down @ Revolution 9/6/16

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