Upcoming Shows 9/9/16-9/15/16

Here’s another week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

September 9th

  1. Market Hotel- Full of Hell/The Body, Gas Chamber, Trench Grinder, Limbs Bin.
  2. Terminal 5- The Specials, The Far East.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Violent Soho.
  4. Shea Stadium- Ian Sweet, Florist, Horse Jumper of Love, Hovvdy.
  5. The Knitting Factory- Tribulation, Youth Code, Horrendous.
  6. The Bell House- The Real Kids, The Figs.
  7. Basement Show- Warthog, Diat, JJ Doll, Vacant Life.

September 10th

  1. Gamechanger World- Back To School Jam.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Billy Talent, The Dirty Nil, Badflower.
  3. AMH- Slapshot, Stigma, Urban Waste, Out Live Death, Close To The Edge, The Ice Cold Killers.
  4. Bowery Ballroom- The Anniversary, Laura Stevenson, Extra Classic.
  5. Music of Williamsburg- Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats, Danava, The Shrine.
  6. The Haunt- Pig Destroyer, Secret Cutter, Bleak, Human Overdose, Escuela.
  7. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Gang Green, Antagonizers ATL, 45 Adapters.
  8. Baby’s All Right- Guitar Wolf, Hang Cinder, Crazy Pills.
  9. Saint Vitus Bar- Dragonforce.
  10. The Silent Barn- I Am Become Death, Hellkeeper, Through Thorn and Brier, Scavengers.
  11. Aviv- The Crack Rock Steady 7, Miscegenator, Joey Steel & The Attutdue Adjustersm TBA.
  12. Ciafonos Bar- Mother Brain, Pink Mass, Toxicology, Pisskvlt, Shit Shit.

September 11th

  1. Warren American Legion- Nothing Left To Mourn, Suburban Scum, The Banner, Great American Ghost, Special Guest.
  2. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Sheer Mag, Haam.
  3. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Wolves in The Throne Room, Cloud Rat.
  4. Shea Stadium- Aloha Machine, Mexican Knives, White Pisces, Klozapin.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Dragonforce.
  6. The Bell House- The Anniversary, Laura Stevenson, Extra Classic.
  7. The Brighton Bar- Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys), Trans Charger Metropolis, After The Burn, The Sacred.
  8. Championship Bar- Hounds, Eaten Alive, Weary Travelers, Belligerent, Flamethrower, TBA.

September 12th

  1. Webster Hall- Echo & The Bunnymen.
  2. Shea Stadium- Washer, Long Neck, Gobbingr, Fits.

September 13th

  1. Baby’s All Right- Girls Against Boys, Big Ups.
  2. Music of Williamsburg- Lush, Tamaryna.
  3. Shakers Pub- Cloud Rat, Kids Having Kids, Haagenti, False Gods.
  4. Webster Hall- Peaches, Cakes Da Killa.
  5. Shea Stadium- For Everest, David F. Bello, Mo Trooper, Slanted.
  6. Decker Hall- Teen Suicide, Florist, Lunch Ladies.

September 14th

  1. Terminal 5- Lush, Tamaryn.
  2. Brooklyn Bazaar- Comeback Kid, Endwell, Death Vacation, Mad Diesel.
  3. The Brighton Bar- Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks.

September 15th

  1. Brew Haus- Petal Head, ANiaml Lover, Carcosa, Worlds Fair.
  2. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Cymbals Eat Guitar, Field Mouse, Wildhoney.
  3. Shea Staium- Bethlehem Steel, Painted Zeros, Haybay, Normal Person.
  4. The Brighton Bar- Reagan Youth, Public Serpents, The Crypt Keeper Five, Top Nachos.
  5. College Street Music Hall- Built To Spill, Hop Along, Alex G.
Upcoming Shows 9/9/16-9/15/16

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