Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece, Malevolence, The Merciless Concept, Restwell, and Silenus @ AMH 8/24/16

Last Wednesday, Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece and Malevolence played their Long Island date of the tour. The show was AMH where most of the Long Island shows take place. This was some what of a mixed genre show with some Metalcore, Beatdown, Hardcore and Slam bands. The local openers were Silenus, Restwell, and The Merciless Concept.

The opening band of the night was Silenus. This was my second time seeing this Metalcore/Hardcore band. This band has the sound a Metalcore band but have the attitude of a Hardcore band. This band started up last year and has been coming up in the scene. The band started to play just by the first song they got a good reaction. Kids were singing along to them and going really hard for them. The members are young and these kids hit hard. If you like bands like Knocked Loose or Varials this band is for you. They were perfect for the lineup. Check them out when you get a chance.

Up next was Restwell. Restwell is local Long Island Metalcore band. This was my first time ever seeing them. Once they started to play there was somewhat of a reaction for them. I notice people going up front to sing along but no one was going off in the front. The band sounded like Gideon and I felted a strong Christcore vibe to this band. I was kind of surprise they did sound more like Zao but overall they were okay. The band was not for me but if you like bands like Gideon and For Today then this band is for you.

The mighty Merciless Concept was up next. This was my first time seeing this Long Island Slam band. For awhile this band was not doing show until recently they announced they were not done yet and they are coming out with new material. I notice a lot of older people up front for them. I was expecting a really chaotic set. Once they started to play people were going off. It was not as crazy as I thought it would be but overall the band killed it. I waited awhile to see this band I enjoyed this set a lot. I would to see this band again but with a killer lineup and a crowd who have more of appreciation of this band.

Malevolence was up next. Malevolence is a Hardcore/Metal band from Sheffield, England. This was only band on the lineup that was not from the United States. I honestly do not know when was the last time I saw a band not from the United States played AMH. I am pretty sure it was Foreseen who are from Finland. Once Malevolence started to play people went off. I never heard of this band before this tour was announced and I found it cool that people were going off to them. This band came from England and Long Island showed them some love.

Jesus Piece took the stage. This was my fifth time seeing Philly band. I saw them play a few weeks prior at the annual festival This Is Hardcore where they performed probably their most violent sets ever. I was excited to see this band again since they were they were the main reason why I came. The started to play and the crowd went off. There was a lot of movement for the band. Once again Jesus Piece put on another great set. They played a cover by Hatebreed which was “Not One Truth.” I was shocked not a lot of people went off which was kind of weird but then I realize this was not a Hardcore show. I was little disappointed by this. Overall Jesus Piece played a good set and it was great seeing them again.

Right Jesus Piece got off the stage Step Up 2 took the stage to play a small mini secret set. They are a local Long Island band that never plays shows. They played two songs and had people go ff for them. People were moshing and singing along. It got a little crazy at first. Overall it was a funny short set.

Kublai Khan was up next. They were the final band of the night. This was my second time seeing them play. Last time I saw them was when they open for Emmure and The Acacia Strain at the Gramercy Theatre in 2014. Kublai Khan is a Metalcore band that brings a lot of aggression. Before they started I notice a lot of people left which I thought was weird. Back year ago there would have been a lot of people at this show. Once they started to play the people who stayed went off. Kublai Khan played a good set for the most part. Overall the show was good.

Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece, Malevolence, The Merciless Concept, Restwell, and Silenus @ AMH 8/24/16

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