Jank, Mumblr, Coping Skills, Wild Pink, and Caleb Cordes @ Shea Stadium

Last Monday Jank played their final date of their tour in Brooklyn, New York. Their show was located at Shea Stadium. Shea Stadium is one of my favorite venues in Brooklyn. I did not come here often but I have seen show really good shows here. Shea Stadium is located in East Williamsburg and the venue is on top of a warehouse. The venue itself looks like a loft. Most of the shows they have here are Emo or Indie. The last time I was at this venue I saw Broken Beak and The Obsessives here.

The first band was actually an solo acoustic set. Caleb Cordes got added on last minute. Caleb Cordes is a member of the band Sinai Vessel. Sinai Vessel is from North Carolina. I never got the chance to see this band. I have some friends who listen to this band and told me they are worth checking out. Caleb played a pretty good set and he had a good amount of people there for him. Overall I enjoyed this opening act. When his band comes around the NYC/LI I will make sure I come out to support them.

Up next was Wild Pink. Wild Pink is local New York City band. They are a three piece. The band started play and there were a lot of people there for them which was pretty cool. There was a lot of people up front for them which was pretty cool. Their sound was Indie with some Punk elements. Wild Pink name has been popping up this year for shows I have seen. In opinion I was not into this band. I felt like they played forever. Musically this band is talented but they were not for me. They are releasing 4 Songs in October and their next show will be at the Cake Shop in Manhattan on September 1st.

Coping Skills was up next. Any trio but this time this band is from Philly. The band Boy Rex dropped this show and Coping Skill replaced them. I had a lot of good things from this band. Once they started to play they had this Best Coast feel but I could tell they were not trying to sound like they were from the sixties. They had more of a modern vibe to their sound. Their songs were poppy and about real life situations. For insistence one of their songs was dropping out of College and talking about the issues of going to school. While they were playing I notice people singing along to their material in which I though that was really cool. The band themselves could not believe how many people were up front for them. Overall I dug their sound.

Mumblr was up next. This was another band that came from Philly. Mumblr I have hearing their name for ever. I finally glad I got a chance to see them. I heard they are really good and put on a good show. There were a lot of people up front for them. Mumblr started to play and I became fan just like that. Mumblr has a somewhat of a 90’s Alternative Rock sound and the lead singer vocals reminds me of At The Drive-In lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Mumblr played a really good set. Back in June they released The Never Ending Get Down which was a good album. If this band comes to your town do not miss out. I am going to try to see this band every time they come to NYC/Long Island.

Jank took the stage. The final band of the night was also from Philly. This was a stack lineup of Philly bands playing Brooklyn. Back in November I found out about this band I thought they were just a wild band. The record Awkward Pop Songs was a fantastic release. Since the release of the new album recently they have blown up. Jank took the Indie by surprise. Last month they released a new EP titled Versace Summer. Jank started to play and the place erupted. I have not seen Shea Stadium going off since Glocca Morra final New York show. People were moshing and singing to each other. There was no stage diving which I was kind of surprised but the lead singer said he did not want to see any. Jank played maybe ten songs and it was great. The set felt very short and I thought they would play more. Jank really rocked the house. This set makes me want to see them again. Overall Jank is a great live band and they are a band I could see night after night.

Jank, Mumblr, Coping Skills, Wild Pink, and Caleb Cordes @ Shea Stadium

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