Upcoming Shows 8/26/16-9/1/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows. Please note that all of these shows are in the Tri-State area.

August 26th

  1. Shakers Pub- Stigmata, Billy Club Sandwich, Strength Through Suffering, Hangman.
  2. The Studio at Webster Hall- Somos, Free Throw, High Waisted, Adult Mom.
  3. AMH- Keep Flying, The Cavalry is Us, Table Talk, 32 Pints, Check Engine Light.
  4. obriens- Voice of Addiction, Too Many Voices, Cherry Pop, Rot, M.A.D.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Lazer/Wulf, Chrome Over Brass, Dead Empires.
  6. The Chance- Rival Sons.
  7. Goldsounds- The Fearless, Melting Pots, Superal, The Acid House.
  8. Alphaville- Sannhet, Wrecks and Reference, Field Agent, Some Ember.
  9. Rocks Off Crusie- The Slackers.

August 27th

  1. AMH- Leeway, Zero Rights, M-13, Take My Chances, Enemy of The State.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- MonoLord, Beast Maker, Sweet Lodge.
  3. The Well- Innumerable Forms, Coagula, Lucid Terror.
  4. Wamleg- Spit-Take, Pinfinger, Izzy True, Ryan White, Pleasure Beach.
  5. Baby’s All Right- Surf Curse, Vundabar, Lula Lula, Navy Suns.
  6. Brighton Bar- Defiance Engine, Empty Vessels, Put Under, Dab Nebula.
  7. Village Pub Lindenhusrt- The Rat Bastards, The Loose Lips.
  8. Alfie’s- Enziguri, Out Live Death, Exit 17, Skum City, A Breed Apart.
  9. The Box Factory- Manalive, Vengeance, Impact, Pure Grip, Dusters.
  10. Goldsounds- Such Gold, Original Sharks, God Brother, Emergency Protocol, Memento.
  11. Bomb Shelter- Steve., Nervous Dater, Whaler, The Mellowells.

August 28th

  1. The Ballroom at The Outer Space- Melvins, Helms Alee.
  2. Shea Stadium- Califronia X, HVAC, Laika’s Orbit, Nine of Swords.
  3. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Teenage Hallween, The magic Fountain, Big Fan, Peanutbutter, Brandon Can’t Dance.
  4. Mr. Beerys- Something Better, Blueback, Champ. Onto Carthage.
  5. Brighton Bar- Dog House Swine, True Will, Voice of Addiction.
  6. Goldsounds- The Nightmare Police, Before The Orgin, The Great Heights Band, The Jukebox Romantics.
  7. Aviv- Glueboy, Milk Dick.

August 29th 

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Local H.
  2. Shea Stadium- Long Beard, Furnsss, Moniker, Bread Pilot.
  3. Don Pedro- Hale For State, Tingles, Trashy, The Wurst.

August 30th 

  1. The Ballroom- From Indian Lakes, Dawn, TBA.
  2. Shea Stadium- The Yin Yangs, Video Daughters, Dog Rathaus.

August 31st

  1. AMH- From Indian Lakes, Dawns, The Rose Monarch, King Neptune.
  2. Irving Plaza- Periphery, Sikth, Chon, Toothgrinder.
  3. Market Hotel- Shannon and The Clams.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Chain of Flowers, Bootblacks, Ritual Humor.

September 1st 

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Agent Orange, Fea, Two Man Advantage.
  2. Market Hotel- Shannon ans The Clams, White Mystery, Big Huge.
  3. Don Pedro- Kevin Seconds, Steve Soto, Vic Ruggiero, Mikey Erg.
  4. Tricks Hot Billiards Sports & Pub- Lord Dying, Black Fast, Childbite.
  5. The Meatlocker- Roswell Debacle, The Magic Foundation, Sentient Moss, Modern Cowards.
  6. Cake Shop- Wild Pin, Big Bang, Z Fail, Jamez.
Upcoming Shows 8/26/16-9/1/16

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