Ethan’s Freaky Frib

Last Friday, Ethan of Whittled Down put together a last minute basement show. This took place at his house on Long Island. It has been awhile since I attended a basement show. The lineup for this show was Whittled Down, Table Talk, Catlike, Bedmakers, and Nick Berger.

The opening act was Nick Berger. Nick Berger traveled from Syracuse, New York to play this show. He was the only act that was not from Long Island. Originally the acoustic act Central Perk was suppose to play but dropped. He played an electric guitar and songs were pretty cool. At one point he talked about how he was in a van for over forty days for a tour and had a love/hate relationship with it. The people that were there seemed to enjoy it a lot. I thought he was good overall.

Bedmakers was up next. This was an acoustic set. I saw the lead singer perform with a full band last month at AMH opening up for The Obsessives and The Superweaks. Bedmakers lead singer Gerry is a talented guy. I love the guitar riffs he writes and especially the songs he writes. Gerry puts together these gnarly riffs. It goes from straight open and power chords to these mathy guitar rhythms. He also did a Jank cover. He covered the song “Caitlyn” and which was really good. Some of the crowd was singing along which was great. Overall check out and support Bedmakers.

Catlike was up next. This was my second time seeing this band. The last time I saw them was actually at basement show called the Bone Zone back in January. This set was only acoustic because the drummer was not able to make it. Catlike are a Indie band that are some what close to sounded like Best Coast but more on the Lo-Fi side. Since this was an acoustic performance the crowd was not going to get the full effect of Catlike. Overall the lead singer performed a good set and the crowd enjoyed it.

Table Talk was up next. This was my fifth time seeing this band. I have not seen this band since February when they were part of the Shorebreak record release show for Misdirection. Table Talk recently released their self titled EP back in June. I was up front for this set and enjoyed seeing people singing along to this band. I saw this band when they were called Last Great Hero and now people were going off by knowing their lyrics was very cool. Table Talk played a great set and this probably was one of my favorite sets I ever seen them play. I can not wait to see this band again. Their next Long Island show is on Friday at AMH with Keep Flying, The Cavalry is us, 32 Pints, and Check Engine Light.

Whittled Down was up next. This was my ninth time seeing this local Long Island Melodic Hardcore/Screamo band. Whittled Down is one of my favorite bands in the Long Island scene right now. The band recently released a split EP with the Kentucky Screamo band the Menagerie. The band played the two songs off it followed by song of their EP Bold Print. It was great seeing people sing along to their material. I love seeing people going off for local bands and showing support. Whittled Down finished their set with a new song that will be on their full legenth. I am very excited for that album to come out. Overall if you like Touché Amore and Balance and Composure this band is for you. Next Long island show Whittled Down is playing is September 6 where they will be opening up for Basement at Revolution Music Hall.

There was five minute secret set right after Whittled Down. Hammer and Nail is a project that some of the members of both Whittled Down and Table Talk are in. This band is some what of a hardcore band. This was literally the funniest thing and there some people moshing to this. Overall it was a great 5 minutes to end the show. Besides this it was cool seeing over thirty people showing up to this show. The basement was hot but still it was a last minute show and people came out. Always support your local bands and scene.

Ethan’s Freaky Frib

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