Final Long Island Black Sabbath Show

Last Wednesday was the final Long Island show for Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath being their final leg of their North American tour. This was going to be my fourth and last time seeing one of my all time favorite bands. The show was located at Jones Beach and they had Rival Sons opened up the show.  When I saw Black Sabbath play Madison Square Garden back in February of this year they had The Rival Sons open the show. Jones Beach is very okay venue. If you are a Mom or Dad and you absolute love Long Island this is your favorite venue.

The opening band The Rival Sons took the stage. This was my second time seeing this band. Rival songs are a five piece that love the 1970’s. What I mean is that they try very hard to sound like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. This band is not my style but they know how to rock in which they did. The crowd seemed to enjoy them. I guess it brought back a nostalgic feel. It was interesting to see a keyboard player in the band that brought out something different elements. For me this band was okay but if you Blues Rock n Roll this band is for you.

Black Sabbath took the stage. They opened up with “Black Sabbath” and the setting was perfect. There a full moon and the song felt really evil as the way it should always be. Black Sabbath played the same exact set as they did from the time I saw them in February. They played only played the hits and some rarities. When they played “Into the Void” it was amazing. What annoyed me what that Long Island was very quite for this show. It was the final long Island and the crowd was very disappointing. I really shocked how quite the crowd was. The crowd sang along for the hits but still I was mad about this. I myself was going because A. this is my favorite band and B. it was the last show. Black Sabbath played a great set. Ozzy sounded great. Tony Iommi and Geezy Butler sounded amazing. As I mention before it was same set from months ago. I was not disappointed with the band but more of the fans. It was a great show and everyone should see Black Sabbath before they are gone. Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal so they are probably the most important band in Metal.

Final Long Island Black Sabbath Show

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