Ramallah, Hangman, High Card, Sanction, and Blame God @ AMH 8/14/16

On August 14, the new booking agency SBC put together another Sunday hardcore matinee with Ramallah returning to Long Island. This show was located at AMH and this was my second time attending one their shows. The last show I went to was a H2O matinee. This show had a really good lineup. Hangman, Sanction, High Card, and Blame God are all upcoming bands from Long Island and it was great to have these bands opening up the show.

The opening band of the afternoon was Blame God. Blame God is a Powerviolence band this was my second time seeing them. It was different to see a Powerviolence band to open up this show. Long Island is not really known for a Powerviolence scene but it is nice to see a band playing something else rather than Hardcore or Metal. Blame God started and played a quick ten minute set. They had a little bit of a reaction for one a song. Since this was an Hardcore show I was not really expecting a huge reaction. Their last song they covered Pig Destroyer “Piss Angel.” Besides this if you like Powerviolence then check out this band.

Sanction up next. Sanction is one of my favorite bands from the Long Island Hardcore scene. This was my eighth time seeing them. Sanction are a band that revitalizes the 90’s and 00’s Metalcore sound. Honestly this is the way Metalcore should sound like. They played a new song that sounded great and they play a few songs off of their Ep that came out last December. Usually their sets get crazy but last Sunday no one moved until the second to last song. There were not a lot of people at this show and it was a Sunday afternoon so everyone was just calm. Overall once again Sanction played a great set. I can not wait to see these guys again.

High Card was up next. High Card is local Long Island Hardcore band. This was my seventh time seeing this band. Early this year they released their first LP titled Generation Y on Reconsider Records. High Card has more of a Punk rock influence rather than most of the bands that come out of Long Island. High Card is one of the few on the Long Island that has this sound. They started to play and actually had a little bit of a reaction. I notice there some people singing along to their material which was sick. Overall High Card played a good set.

Hangman was up next. This was my ninth time seeing them. About two weeks before this show the band released Hangman 2. Hangman might have been the first band to actually have people moshing to the entire set. I knew before this show the pit would not be crazy. Usually they draw a lot of moshing but there were only a few people. What I like about this band live is that the songs are somewhat short but very aggressive. If you like Backtrack and Biohazard this band is for you. Originally this band was not supposed to play this show. The band Colin of Arabia was suppose to play but the lead singer got arrested a few days before the show happen. Like always Hangman played a sick set and catch them opening for Billy Club Sandwich and Stigmata at Shakers Pub this Friday.

The final band of the afternoon was Ramallah. This band is from Boston. I was never a huge fan of this band I prefer the singer’s other band Blood For Blood. Once the band took the stage the singer actually said that half of this set will be Blood For Blood songs. Getting a chance to hear some Blood For Blood songs were really sick. They had a reaction for them and I was surprise there was not that many people at this show. I think SBC is doing a good job with bring old school bands to Long Island. Especially the fact that this upcoming Saturday Leeway is playing AMH and their first Sunday Matinee (I Believe) was Shai Hulud, H2O, and Wisdom in Chains. Seeing more Hardcore shows on Long Island is a good thing.

Ramallah, Hangman, High Card, Sanction, and Blame God @ AMH 8/14/16

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