Drive Like Jehu @ The Bell House

Last Thursday, I got a chance to finally see Drive Like Jehu. Drive Like Jehu is a legendary Post Hardcore band from San Diego. This was their first of two New York City shows and this show took place at the Bell House. The next day was at Irving Plaza. Both shows were sold out and I was lucky to find out that they added the Bell House show an hour after the Irving show sold out in less than a minute.

This was my first time attending a show at the Bell House. The venue is located in Brooklyn but not in the usual spots of Williamsburg or Bushwick. The venue is located in Gowanus. Usually shows at this venue are 21 and up but I was really surprise to see this show was 18 and up. When I got to the venue I realized my friend and I were the youngest ones at this show and I am 21. I figured the crowd would be older. When I got into the venue I found there was an opening band. I was not able to catch most of their set but I saw the last two songs. The band was called The Jay Vons and they are from NYC. They had a Funk sound and I was kind of surprise to see this type of style was open up for Drive Like Jehu. Besides that the venue itself is pretty big. I thought this place was only 200 cap but it look more like 400 or more. I like the venue a lot and I would like to see more shows there.

Drive Like Jehu took the stage. This was my first time seeing this legendary band. Drive Like Jehu reunited back in 2014 after nineteen years of disbandment. I was curious how the crowd would react to them. Drive Like Jehu started to play they were loud and fuzzy. The bass sounded great and the lead singer was just going off. These guys are close to their fifties and they were wild. I was surprise how laid back the crowd was for them. Drive Like Jehu is not a band you could mosh to but people were not rushing the stage. People were more slipping their beers and singing along. Besides that Drive Like Jehu played a great set. I first heard this band back in 2011 or 2012 I thought this band was insane. The band fused Punk and chaos together. For those reading who were not at the show, this band is what The Dillinger Escape Plan would sound like if they were Punk band. If you like mathy, loud, distorted riffs this band is for you. I am glad that I got a chance to see this band and I had a great time seeing them live.

Drive Like Jehu @ The Bell House

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