Upcoming Shows 8/12/16-8/18/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

August 12th

  1. Irving Plaza- Drive Like Jehu, The Jayvons, Hurry.
  2. The Space at Westbury- The Wailers, The Far East.
  3. Shea Stadium- The Gradients, Yeesh, Jackal Onasis, Nine of Swords.
  4. Revolution Music Hall- DinoSkate Park, Amboy, Versus The Wake, Times Like These, The Gypsies.
  5. Shakers Pub- Enemy of The State, Jungle Gypsy, Locus Mortis, Abandoned Vessels, BLG D, Blue Gluck, Trippy Hippy.
  6. The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood- Laura Stevenson, The Great Depression, Hold On Caulfield.
  7. Holmdel House Show- Diet, Pure Grip, Wastelands, Point Blank, Here to Stay, Dead Party.
  8. The Footlight- Burning Shame, The Thrill Sergeants, The Bay Backs, Mala Vista.
  9. Don Pedro- The Ghost Wolves, Blair Alise & The Bombshells, Hiccup.
  10. Bloomfield Village Pizza- The Most, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Body Thief, Pictures of Vernon, TBA.
  11. AMH- Gangway, Primitive Pact, Yum-Yuckers, Reign of Terror, Splatterhouse.
  12. Backdrop- Nightwitch, Gorgeous, Hiss.

August 13th

  1. Pulaski Club- Ramallah, 100 Demons, Colin of Arabia, Palehorse, Absolute Suffering, Jagged Visions.
  2. Irving Plaza- X, Dead Rock West.
  3. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Siege- Ultramantis Black, Lunglast, Behind Bars.
  4. Summerstage Central Park- The Go-Go’s, Best Coast, Kaya Stewart.
  5. Lucky 13 Saloon- All Out War, Line of Scrimmage, The Banner, Doomsday Mourning, The Last Stand, Wrench, Vice, Full Scale Riot, Robots and Monsters, Silence Equals Death, Departed, Wastelands.
  6. The Meatlocker- Extinction A.D., Enemy of The State, Mom Fight, On Sight.
  7. Leftfield- Bed Pan Fight, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, The Voms, Hurry Chronic JR, Almost Aimless.
  8. Otto’s Shrunken Head- Eleventh Hour, Examine, The Feeliee Mermaids, The Zombie Mafia, Fragmented.
  9. Trans-Pecos: Palehound, The Lemon Twigs, Helio Tropes, Witchcoaat, Gold Commencing.
  10. The Silent Barn- Rick From Pile, Lleo Tucker, Fottings, Gobbing.

August 14th

  1. AMH- Ramallah, Colin of Arabia, High Card, Sanction, Blame God.
  2. Obriens- Common Guilt, PAWN, Spit It Out, Warehouse, TBA.
  3. Goldsounds- Out of System Transfer, Cristy C. Road, Comrades, Brook Pridemore, Yula Beem, Early Riser, Teenage Halloween.
  4. Silent Barn- Gina Birch, Hurry Up, Crusher.

August 15th

  1. Terminal 5- PJ Harvey.

August 16th

  1. Terminal 5- Pj Harvey.

August 17th

  1. Aviv- Hodera, Sports., Fire is Motion, Klozapin.
  2. Shea Stadium- Baked, Solids, Liam Betson, Stove.

August 18th

  1. Shea Stadium- Walter Etc, Blowout, Broken Beak, Paper Streets.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- SUMAC, Jay Jayle, Nordra.
  3. Sunnvale NYC- Los Huayos, R-Tronika, Permanent Wave, Clitorum, Dominio Mario.
  4. Aviv- Haybabi, Dead Leaf Echo, Tender Age, Warcries.
Upcoming Shows 8/12/16-8/18/16

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