Jukai, Blistered, Hangman, Separated, Sanction ,Uzi Kids and Forced Out @ AMH 8/03/16

Last Wednesday, Jukai was wrapping up their tour with Blistered. Their last date on the tour was on Long Island at the venue Amityville Music Hall. This show was also the Hangman record release show. Originally the lineup was just Jukai, Blistered, Malice At The Place, Separated, Uzi Kids, and Forced Out but Hangman got added on a month ago and MATP had to drop due to a injury of the lead singer.

The opening band of the night was Forced Out. This was my fifth time seeing this Long Island Beatdown band. They have not played on Long Island for awhile. Recently they released a new EP titled End of Suffering. The EP is probably the best work they ever wrote. Forced Out played a solid set that got a good reaction from the crowd. The songs off the EP sounded sick live and I notice some of the people knew the words to the songs. If you like heavy Hardcore or Beatdown I recommend listening to this band. Forced Out said their next show will be their record release show some time in the fall so be on the look out for that.

Uzi Kids took the stage. This was my second time seeing them. The last time I saw them was with Jukai and Sanction at the Home Plate in Elkton, Maryland. They are from New Jersey/Delaware. Uzi Kids play fast and aggressive music. They are a straight edge and talk about how drinking caffeine is not straight edge. They played for ten minutes and I love their set. Uzi Kids gave off a sense of fast pace and also a little bit on the Powerviolecne side. They got a reaction for the first two songs. Overall I like this band. I think it is cool that they show how much they really care about being straight edge and have a lot of pride around it.

Sanction was added on last minute so both them and Separated played a split set. Both bands are from Long Island. Sanction played first. This was my sixth time seeing them play. Sanction play a style of 90’s Metalcore. They have crushing riffs and they can get the crowd going. They opened up with a new song that sounded really good and got a great reaction from the crowd. Sanction played a sick set. Separated took the stage right after. The last time I saw them play was their record release a month prior to this show. Separated played a solid set. Back in March they released their EP Force Fed Misery which is one of my top releases of this year. What was cool about this set was seeing a lot of people up front singing the lyrics to their songs. Overall both bands played a sick set.

Up next was Hangman. Two days prior to this show they released Hangman 2. This was a solid release. Hangman started last year and has become one of Long Island’s up and coming bands. I saw this band when they were four piece and then they added a second guitarist which made the band so much tighter. This is my eighth time seeing this band. Their sound is a mix between Backtrack and Biohazard. From start to finish each song got a good reaction. Hangman played a solid set. Their next show on Long Island will be August 26th at Shakers Pub opening up Billy Club Sandwich and Stigmata.

Blistered took the stage. At first I was surprise because they headline the tour but it was cool they let Jukai headline this show. This is my second time seeing this Floridian band. I saw them play Back to School jam last year I was not impress. I was not a fan of their LP The Poison of Self Confinement. Seeing them play at AMH I liked a lot better. They got a good reaction from the crowd. Blistered played a pretty good set. I actually enjoyed what I watching. I am still not a big fan of the band but if you like 90’s Metalcore this band is for you.

The headline act of the night was Jukai. Right before they took the stage High Card decided to play a mini set. They got a good reaction and it was pretty funny seeing them play a small set right before Jukai. As I mention before Blistered did not headline this show and got Jukai to do it. Jukai got on and played one of the best sets I ever seen them play. I have seen them play a dozen times and this band is so great. If you like bands like Bloodlet or Disembodied this band is for you. The crowd gave them a great reaction. Long Island showed a lot of love for their own. Once of favorite bands in the scene right now. There were a lot of people still there and supported them. I love the fact that over 180 paid to get into this show. It was amazing how many people came to support all of the bands. This was probably one of the best Long Island Hardcore shows of the year.


Jukai, Blistered, Hangman, Separated, Sanction ,Uzi Kids and Forced Out @ AMH 8/03/16

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