July Releases

Wow Summer is almost over. The second month of the summer is done and there has been some really cool releases. Here’s a list of music that came out in July that I would like you to check out.The releases are albums, EPs, 7inches etc.  Some of these releases are Punk, Hardcore, Indie, Metal, etc.

My Top Three

  1. Descendents- Hypercaffium Spazzinate
  2. Jank- Vergace Summer
  3. Jagged Visions- Black Sun Zenith

Other Releases

Abuse of Power- Secure//Landslide 

Arrows In Her- It Tired Me All The Same

Artic Tea- Out of a Seaweed Dream

Batwings Catwings- Coast to Coast

Billy Talent- Afraid of Heights 

Blink 182- California 

The Bouncing Souls- Simplicity 

Deep Pockets- Nice Life

Dikembe- Hail Something

For Everest- We Are At Home In The Body 

Forced Out- End of Suffering 

Frameworks- Smother

Lifted Bells- Overreactor 

Masked Intruder- Love and Other Crimes

No Joy- Drool Summer

Owen- The King of Whys 

Pure Disgust- S/T

Rats Rest- On The East Side

Ringworm- Snake Church 

Saetia- Collected 

Spit It Out- Demo




July Releases

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