Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece, Malevolence, The Merciless Concept, Restwell, and Silenus @ AMH 8/24/16

Last Wednesday, Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece and Malevolence played their Long Island date of the tour. The show was AMH where most of the Long Island shows take place. This was some what of a mixed genre show with some Metalcore, Beatdown, Hardcore and Slam bands. The local openers were Silenus, Restwell, and The Merciless Concept.

The opening band of the night was Silenus. This was my second time seeing this Metalcore/Hardcore band. This band has the sound a Metalcore band but have the attitude of a Hardcore band. This band started up last year and has been coming up in the scene. The band started to play just by the first song they got a good reaction. Kids were singing along to them and going really hard for them. The members are young and these kids hit hard. If you like bands like Knocked Loose or Varials this band is for you. They were perfect for the lineup. Check them out when you get a chance.

Up next was Restwell. Restwell is local Long Island Metalcore band. This was my first time ever seeing them. Once they started to play there was somewhat of a reaction for them. I notice people going up front to sing along but no one was going off in the front. The band sounded like Gideon and I felted a strong Christcore vibe to this band. I was kind of surprise they did sound more like Zao but overall they were okay. The band was not for me but if you like bands like Gideon and For Today then this band is for you.

The mighty Merciless Concept was up next. This was my first time seeing this Long Island Slam band. For awhile this band was not doing show until recently they announced they were not done yet and they are coming out with new material. I notice a lot of older people up front for them. I was expecting a really chaotic set. Once they started to play people were going off. It was not as crazy as I thought it would be but overall the band killed it. I waited awhile to see this band I enjoyed this set a lot. I would to see this band again but with a killer lineup and a crowd who have more of appreciation of this band.

Malevolence was up next. Malevolence is a Hardcore/Metal band from Sheffield, England. This was only band on the lineup that was not from the United States. I honestly do not know when was the last time I saw a band not from the United States played AMH. I am pretty sure it was Foreseen who are from Finland. Once Malevolence started to play people went off. I never heard of this band before this tour was announced and I found it cool that people were going off to them. This band came from England and Long Island showed them some love.

Jesus Piece took the stage. This was my fifth time seeing Philly band. I saw them play a few weeks prior at the annual festival This Is Hardcore where they performed probably their most violent sets ever. I was excited to see this band again since they were they were the main reason why I came. The started to play and the crowd went off. There was a lot of movement for the band. Once again Jesus Piece put on another great set. They played a cover by Hatebreed which was “Not One Truth.” I was shocked not a lot of people went off which was kind of weird but then I realize this was not a Hardcore show. I was little disappointed by this. Overall Jesus Piece played a good set and it was great seeing them again.

Right Jesus Piece got off the stage Step Up 2 took the stage to play a small mini secret set. They are a local Long Island band that never plays shows. They played two songs and had people go ff for them. People were moshing and singing along. It got a little crazy at first. Overall it was a funny short set.

Kublai Khan was up next. They were the final band of the night. This was my second time seeing them play. Last time I saw them was when they open for Emmure and The Acacia Strain at the Gramercy Theatre in 2014. Kublai Khan is a Metalcore band that brings a lot of aggression. Before they started I notice a lot of people left which I thought was weird. Back year ago there would have been a lot of people at this show. Once they started to play the people who stayed went off. Kublai Khan played a good set for the most part. Overall the show was good.

Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece, Malevolence, The Merciless Concept, Restwell, and Silenus @ AMH 8/24/16

Jank, Mumblr, Coping Skills, Wild Pink, and Caleb Cordes @ Shea Stadium

Last Monday Jank played their final date of their tour in Brooklyn, New York. Their show was located at Shea Stadium. Shea Stadium is one of my favorite venues in Brooklyn. I did not come here often but I have seen show really good shows here. Shea Stadium is located in East Williamsburg and the venue is on top of a warehouse. The venue itself looks like a loft. Most of the shows they have here are Emo or Indie. The last time I was at this venue I saw Broken Beak and The Obsessives here.

The first band was actually an solo acoustic set. Caleb Cordes got added on last minute. Caleb Cordes is a member of the band Sinai Vessel. Sinai Vessel is from North Carolina. I never got the chance to see this band. I have some friends who listen to this band and told me they are worth checking out. Caleb played a pretty good set and he had a good amount of people there for him. Overall I enjoyed this opening act. When his band comes around the NYC/LI I will make sure I come out to support them.

Up next was Wild Pink. Wild Pink is local New York City band. They are a three piece. The band started play and there were a lot of people there for them which was pretty cool. There was a lot of people up front for them which was pretty cool. Their sound was Indie with some Punk elements. Wild Pink name has been popping up this year for shows I have seen. In opinion I was not into this band. I felt like they played forever. Musically this band is talented but they were not for me. They are releasing 4 Songs in October and their next show will be at the Cake Shop in Manhattan on September 1st.

Coping Skills was up next. Any trio but this time this band is from Philly. The band Boy Rex dropped this show and Coping Skill replaced them. I had a lot of good things from this band. Once they started to play they had this Best Coast feel but I could tell they were not trying to sound like they were from the sixties. They had more of a modern vibe to their sound. Their songs were poppy and about real life situations. For insistence one of their songs was dropping out of College and talking about the issues of going to school. While they were playing I notice people singing along to their material in which I though that was really cool. The band themselves could not believe how many people were up front for them. Overall I dug their sound.

Mumblr was up next. This was another band that came from Philly. Mumblr I have hearing their name for ever. I finally glad I got a chance to see them. I heard they are really good and put on a good show. There were a lot of people up front for them. Mumblr started to play and I became fan just like that. Mumblr has a somewhat of a 90’s Alternative Rock sound and the lead singer vocals reminds me of At The Drive-In lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Mumblr played a really good set. Back in June they released The Never Ending Get Down which was a good album. If this band comes to your town do not miss out. I am going to try to see this band every time they come to NYC/Long Island.

Jank took the stage. The final band of the night was also from Philly. This was a stack lineup of Philly bands playing Brooklyn. Back in November I found out about this band I thought they were just a wild band. The record Awkward Pop Songs was a fantastic release. Since the release of the new album recently they have blown up. Jank took the Indie by surprise. Last month they released a new EP titled Versace Summer. Jank started to play and the place erupted. I have not seen Shea Stadium going off since Glocca Morra final New York show. People were moshing and singing to each other. There was no stage diving which I was kind of surprised but the lead singer said he did not want to see any. Jank played maybe ten songs and it was great. The set felt very short and I thought they would play more. Jank really rocked the house. This set makes me want to see them again. Overall Jank is a great live band and they are a band I could see night after night.

Jank, Mumblr, Coping Skills, Wild Pink, and Caleb Cordes @ Shea Stadium

The End of Summer Jam 2016

This upcoming Saturday is the probably the most heaviest festival happening in the Northeast. The End of Summer Jam features a lot of heavy hardcore and Beatdown bands. The event takes place at the Emerald Hall in Abington, Massachusett. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 for doors. For everyone is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.


All Out War


100 Demons

Sworn enemy

Swear To God

Absolute Suffering

Steel Nation

Laid 2 Rest



Mass Graves

Scars of Deceit


Branch Davidian

The End of Summer Jam 2016

Upcoming Shows 8/26/16-9/1/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows. Please note that all of these shows are in the Tri-State area.

August 26th

  1. Shakers Pub- Stigmata, Billy Club Sandwich, Strength Through Suffering, Hangman.
  2. The Studio at Webster Hall- Somos, Free Throw, High Waisted, Adult Mom.
  3. AMH- Keep Flying, The Cavalry is Us, Table Talk, 32 Pints, Check Engine Light.
  4. obriens- Voice of Addiction, Too Many Voices, Cherry Pop, Rot, M.A.D.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Lazer/Wulf, Chrome Over Brass, Dead Empires.
  6. The Chance- Rival Sons.
  7. Goldsounds- The Fearless, Melting Pots, Superal, The Acid House.
  8. Alphaville- Sannhet, Wrecks and Reference, Field Agent, Some Ember.
  9. Rocks Off Crusie- The Slackers.

August 27th

  1. AMH- Leeway, Zero Rights, M-13, Take My Chances, Enemy of The State.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- MonoLord, Beast Maker, Sweet Lodge.
  3. The Well- Innumerable Forms, Coagula, Lucid Terror.
  4. Wamleg- Spit-Take, Pinfinger, Izzy True, Ryan White, Pleasure Beach.
  5. Baby’s All Right- Surf Curse, Vundabar, Lula Lula, Navy Suns.
  6. Brighton Bar- Defiance Engine, Empty Vessels, Put Under, Dab Nebula.
  7. Village Pub Lindenhusrt- The Rat Bastards, The Loose Lips.
  8. Alfie’s- Enziguri, Out Live Death, Exit 17, Skum City, A Breed Apart.
  9. The Box Factory- Manalive, Vengeance, Impact, Pure Grip, Dusters.
  10. Goldsounds- Such Gold, Original Sharks, God Brother, Emergency Protocol, Memento.
  11. Bomb Shelter- Steve., Nervous Dater, Whaler, The Mellowells.

August 28th

  1. The Ballroom at The Outer Space- Melvins, Helms Alee.
  2. Shea Stadium- Califronia X, HVAC, Laika’s Orbit, Nine of Swords.
  3. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Teenage Hallween, The magic Fountain, Big Fan, Peanutbutter, Brandon Can’t Dance.
  4. Mr. Beerys- Something Better, Blueback, Champ. Onto Carthage.
  5. Brighton Bar- Dog House Swine, True Will, Voice of Addiction.
  6. Goldsounds- The Nightmare Police, Before The Orgin, The Great Heights Band, The Jukebox Romantics.
  7. Aviv- Glueboy, Milk Dick.

August 29th 

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Local H.
  2. Shea Stadium- Long Beard, Furnsss, Moniker, Bread Pilot.
  3. Don Pedro- Hale For State, Tingles, Trashy, The Wurst.

August 30th 

  1. The Ballroom- From Indian Lakes, Dawn, TBA.
  2. Shea Stadium- The Yin Yangs, Video Daughters, Dog Rathaus.

August 31st

  1. AMH- From Indian Lakes, Dawns, The Rose Monarch, King Neptune.
  2. Irving Plaza- Periphery, Sikth, Chon, Toothgrinder.
  3. Market Hotel- Shannon and The Clams.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Chain of Flowers, Bootblacks, Ritual Humor.

September 1st 

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Agent Orange, Fea, Two Man Advantage.
  2. Market Hotel- Shannon ans The Clams, White Mystery, Big Huge.
  3. Don Pedro- Kevin Seconds, Steve Soto, Vic Ruggiero, Mikey Erg.
  4. Tricks Hot Billiards Sports & Pub- Lord Dying, Black Fast, Childbite.
  5. The Meatlocker- Roswell Debacle, The Magic Foundation, Sentient Moss, Modern Cowards.
  6. Cake Shop- Wild Pin, Big Bang, Z Fail, Jamez.
Upcoming Shows 8/26/16-9/1/16

Full Terror Assault 2

This weekend is the second annual Metal festival Full Terror Assault. The festival takes place at the Hogrock Campgrounds in Cave Inrock, Illinois. This is a two day festival with a pre show. This Metal festival goes all around with sub genres of Metal and also features some Hardcore bands. The local Long Island band Detriment is playing the second day of this fest. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

August 25th Thursday Pre Show 

National Rock Review Main Stage: Waco Jesus, Organ Dealer, Strong Intention, Kilbury Unit, Nevalra, Lucifist, Blood Tribe.

Metal Sucks 2nd Stage: Interment, Airacoba, Sexual Atrocities, A Threat To The Enemy, Everything Went Black, Carpathian Funeral.

Aug 26th Friday Day One 

National Rock Review Main Stage: Dying Fetus, Belphegor, Rotten Sound, Lord Dying, Aggravator, Starkill, Product of Hate, Dismemberment, The Hound Builders, Bleed The Victim.

Metal Sucks 2nd Stage: Origin, Shining, Abigail Williams, The Lion’s Daughter, Embalmer, Cross Examination, Child Bite, Koza, Gutted Alive.

August 27th Saturday Day Two 

National Rock Review Main Stage: Sacred Reich, Lock Up, Cephalic Carnage, Master, Gorgusm, Blurring, Stonecutters, Detriment, Alustrium, Ruster.

Metal Sucks 2nd Stage: Hammerfight, Mobile Deathcamp, Eat The Turnbuckle, Putid Pile, Die Choke, Sacrifical Slaughter, Cognitive, S.N.A.F.U., Pale Horseman, Have Unbound.

Full Terror Assault 2

Ethan’s Freaky Frib

Last Friday, Ethan of Whittled Down put together a last minute basement show. This took place at his house on Long Island. It has been awhile since I attended a basement show. The lineup for this show was Whittled Down, Table Talk, Catlike, Bedmakers, and Nick Berger.

The opening act was Nick Berger. Nick Berger traveled from Syracuse, New York to play this show. He was the only act that was not from Long Island. Originally the acoustic act Central Perk was suppose to play but dropped. He played an electric guitar and songs were pretty cool. At one point he talked about how he was in a van for over forty days for a tour and had a love/hate relationship with it. The people that were there seemed to enjoy it a lot. I thought he was good overall.

Bedmakers was up next. This was an acoustic set. I saw the lead singer perform with a full band last month at AMH opening up for The Obsessives and The Superweaks. Bedmakers lead singer Gerry is a talented guy. I love the guitar riffs he writes and especially the songs he writes. Gerry puts together these gnarly riffs. It goes from straight open and power chords to these mathy guitar rhythms. He also did a Jank cover. He covered the song “Caitlyn” and which was really good. Some of the crowd was singing along which was great. Overall check out and support Bedmakers.

Catlike was up next. This was my second time seeing this band. The last time I saw them was actually at basement show called the Bone Zone back in January. This set was only acoustic because the drummer was not able to make it. Catlike are a Indie band that are some what close to sounded like Best Coast but more on the Lo-Fi side. Since this was an acoustic performance the crowd was not going to get the full effect of Catlike. Overall the lead singer performed a good set and the crowd enjoyed it.

Table Talk was up next. This was my fifth time seeing this band. I have not seen this band since February when they were part of the Shorebreak record release show for Misdirection. Table Talk recently released their self titled EP back in June. I was up front for this set and enjoyed seeing people singing along to this band. I saw this band when they were called Last Great Hero and now people were going off by knowing their lyrics was very cool. Table Talk played a great set and this probably was one of my favorite sets I ever seen them play. I can not wait to see this band again. Their next Long Island show is on Friday at AMH with Keep Flying, The Cavalry is us, 32 Pints, and Check Engine Light.

Whittled Down was up next. This was my ninth time seeing this local Long Island Melodic Hardcore/Screamo band. Whittled Down is one of my favorite bands in the Long Island scene right now. The band recently released a split EP with the Kentucky Screamo band the Menagerie. The band played the two songs off it followed by song of their EP Bold Print. It was great seeing people sing along to their material. I love seeing people going off for local bands and showing support. Whittled Down finished their set with a new song that will be on their full legenth. I am very excited for that album to come out. Overall if you like Touché Amore and Balance and Composure this band is for you. Next Long island show Whittled Down is playing is September 6 where they will be opening up for Basement at Revolution Music Hall.

There was five minute secret set right after Whittled Down. Hammer and Nail is a project that some of the members of both Whittled Down and Table Talk are in. This band is some what of a hardcore band. This was literally the funniest thing and there some people moshing to this. Overall it was a great 5 minutes to end the show. Besides this it was cool seeing over thirty people showing up to this show. The basement was hot but still it was a last minute show and people came out. Always support your local bands and scene.

Ethan’s Freaky Frib

Final Long Island Black Sabbath Show

Last Wednesday was the final Long Island show for Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath being their final leg of their North American tour. This was going to be my fourth and last time seeing one of my all time favorite bands. The show was located at Jones Beach and they had Rival Sons opened up the show.  When I saw Black Sabbath play Madison Square Garden back in February of this year they had The Rival Sons open the show. Jones Beach is very okay venue. If you are a Mom or Dad and you absolute love Long Island this is your favorite venue.

The opening band The Rival Sons took the stage. This was my second time seeing this band. Rival songs are a five piece that love the 1970’s. What I mean is that they try very hard to sound like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. This band is not my style but they know how to rock in which they did. The crowd seemed to enjoy them. I guess it brought back a nostalgic feel. It was interesting to see a keyboard player in the band that brought out something different elements. For me this band was okay but if you Blues Rock n Roll this band is for you.

Black Sabbath took the stage. They opened up with “Black Sabbath” and the setting was perfect. There a full moon and the song felt really evil as the way it should always be. Black Sabbath played the same exact set as they did from the time I saw them in February. They played only played the hits and some rarities. When they played “Into the Void” it was amazing. What annoyed me what that Long Island was very quite for this show. It was the final long Island and the crowd was very disappointing. I really shocked how quite the crowd was. The crowd sang along for the hits but still I was mad about this. I myself was going because A. this is my favorite band and B. it was the last show. Black Sabbath played a great set. Ozzy sounded great. Tony Iommi and Geezy Butler sounded amazing. As I mention before it was same set from months ago. I was not disappointed with the band but more of the fans. It was a great show and everyone should see Black Sabbath before they are gone. Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal so they are probably the most important band in Metal.

Final Long Island Black Sabbath Show