The Obsessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, Shelly, and Bedmakers @ AMH 7/21/16

Last Thursday, The Obsessives, The Superweaks, and Heart Attack Man played their Long Island date of their tour. This show was located at Amityville Music Hall. There were two local openers which were Bedmakers and Shelly. This show had more over thirty people show which I thought was lame because the Obsessvies has some really cool music as well as the other bands playing.

First band up was Bedmakers. Bedmakers are a local Long Island band. Recently I have seen their name pop up on flyers but I never had the chance to check them out. The first song was only the lead singer on with an acoustic guitar. At first I thought it was a full band because the singer was playing a song by himself. Once the first song was over the band took the stage. Bedmakers had a Shoegaze sound mixed with some Emo vibes. I liked what I heard from this set. I saw they had members of Long Island bands Whittled Down and Macseal fill in for the band. Overall I like what I heard from this band and if you like emotional Sheogaze music then this check out this local band.

Up next was Shelly. Shelly formally named Scout is a band I miss multiple opportunities to see this local Brooklyn band. For awhile I have been waiting to see this band.  The band started to play the music seemed to be very tight. The music was Indie and Emo. The band stated that will be releasing new material this year. In fact they will be a releasing a LP later this year. Overall finally seeing this band I liked what I saw and I am looking forward to this upcoming LP.

The Superweaks was up next. They are from Philly. They used to be called the Weaks until they recently changed their name. At first I thought the Weaks and Superweaks were two different bands but later finding out they are the same band. This was my second time seeing the band. I saw last October performing at a CMJ showcase at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn opening up for Pinegrove and Superheaven. The Superweaks blend some up beat Emo music with Indie. The lead singer also plays a synth which came together perfect. The SUperweams played a pretty good set. At one point there was a guy moshing really hard to them. He was basically swinging his arms around. It was so what funny but really out of place. The band just kept playing. Overall I liked this set but he did make into a fan of theirs. The music was okay. I think majority of the crowd really enjoyed them.

Heart Attack Man was up next. This band is from Cleveland, Ohio. I never saw this band before. Looking them up I thought they were a duo but seeing them live they were a four piece. Most likely the two guys probably record everything and live they need a back up band. Once they started to play the crowd seemed to enjoy them. Their music reminded me of Weezer and other 90’s Power Pop bands. Heart Attack Man was my favorite act of the night. Once again the lonely mosher was at it again. The guy was moshing really hard for no reason at all. It was some what funny. Overall Heart Attack Man played a really good set. If they come back around the NYC/Long Island area I would go see them again.

The last act of the night was The Obsessives. The Obsessives are from Philly and this was my second time seeing this band. They are a two piece. The two members face each other while playing. The drum set was a lot closer to the audience and everyone could see him. The way the band is set up is cool. This band is not like the White Stripes or the Black Keys. The Obsessives are an Emo band. They have more of a laid back sound. I notice there were some people in the audience singing along to their material. They released a 7inch this year and played the songs off it. They also played a new song off an LP that will bee coming out in the future. As I mention before there were not a lot of people at this show. This band is really good and I am surprise with a big tour they were on there was not that many people at this show. Overall every band that played last Thursday is worth checking out. Hopefully I can see the Obsessives in the near future.


The Obsessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, Shelly, and Bedmakers @ AMH 7/21/16

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