Susiepalooza 2

Tomorrow is the annual backyard DIY benefit show for Pancreatic cancer research. This was started last year by James Boss who  put together a festival for his neighbor Sue Marchetti who passed away on December 23rd, 2014. Last July with the help of  his friends Sarah Waxberg and Maggie Friedman they created the first Susiepalooza that raised over $3000. The money was giving to the Lustgarten Foundation. Since then Susiepalooza has made compilation of many great bands that both touring and locals. Bands such as Superheaven, Modern Baseball, and Varials were featured on the comp. The comp raised over $500. Also the group had a table at the Long Island date of the Summer traveling festival Vans Warped Tour which raised $470. Tomorrow is really important and if you not there you’re messing up big time. Once again James and his friends put together something really cool. Some of the bands that played last year are making a return like Shorebreak, Nice Shot Kid, and Casanova. There is a mix of Long Island bands and out of state bands.  Doors are at 1pm and the show starts 2pm. Tickets are only $15. The address for the show is  142 West 11th Street, Deer Park, New York.

Here’s a link to the comp


Nice Shot, Kid 8:35-END

Chase Huglin 7:50-8:20

Stories Untold 7:15-7:40

Makeshift 6:40-7:00

Shiffley 6:05-6:25

Shorebreak 5:25-5:50

Rich People 4:50-5:10

Young Culture 4:15-4:35

Cover Set 3:45-4:40

Back Home 3:10-3:30

Chaser 2:35-2:55

Casanova 2:00- 2:20

Susiepalooza 2

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