Hangman, High Card, Impact, Whittled Down, Mase, Limit, and Discolor @ Shakers Pub 7/16/16

Last Saturday, Hangman and Impact played their second to last date on their East Coast tour at Shaker Pub. Hangman booked this show and put together a great lineup that was mixed with Hardcore, Emo, and Punk. There was a good turnout for this show and also every band that played up too Impact had only a 15 minute set.

The opening band of the night was Discolor. This was my third time seeing this local Long Island band. Their sound is mixed with 90’s Alternative rock and some Emo influences. They played a quick set which was all of their new stuff. The lead singer said that the following month they will be going in the studio to record their band new EP. Their latest EP Wake drop New Years Day. Overall Discolor played really good and the new songs sounded great. They sound a lot better than the last time I saw them playing at AMH back in June. I notice a lot of people really enjoyed this set and the rest of the lineup gave them props for opening up the show. If you like Title Fight, Balance and Composure, and Nirvana this band is for you. Their next show on Long Island is August 19th at AMH with Dead of Winter and few other local acts.

Limit was up next. This was my second time seeing this Long Island Hardcore band. Limit just recently formed and played their first show back in May at Shakers opening for Malfunction and Lost Souls. Limit has more of a classic 1980’s Hardcore punk sound. Most of the Long Island Hardcore bands are very heavy and aggressive. Limit had nothing but short songs that features some good side to side parts. Not a lot of people moshed for them. Limit did a cover that only one person knew. They covered Sick of It All “It’s My Revenge.” I was a little surprise that not a lot of people knew the song. Overall Limit played really tight and I would like to see them again.

Mase was up next. This was my second time seeing this Connecticut Hardcore band. They were the only band on the lineup that was not from the New York State. I knew before this set started they would not get the reaction they deserve to get. When I saw them back In March they played a really good set and got a good reaction in Connecticut while playing to only forty people. Their music is fast and aggressive. There are a lot of heavy Hardcore and Beatdown bands from CTHC but they do not have that type of style in their music. Throughout the set they got a reaction. The second song they played which is off of their new EP that was released in March titled United States of What? opening riff reminded me a lot of Helmet’s “Unsung.” The riff was very catchy. Mase was sick the second time around.

Whittled Down was up next. This was my eighth time I have seen this Melodic Hardcore/Screamo band. Their music is a mix of Defeater, Touché Amore and Basement. They recently released a split EP with the Kentucky Screamo band The Menagerie. Since the bass player left the band they had the lead singer of Table Talk fill in the role. Whittled Down started off their set with the two songs off the split. As I mention before most of the bands playing only had fifteen minute sets. The songs sounded great as usually. The only problem was that the mic kept going out. Their last song was a new song that will be featured on their upcoming full length. This band is not a Hardcore band and they seemed to be out of their element playing this show but they were a good amount people there watching them play. They should have gotten a better reaction like their split release show. Overall Whittled Down is a great band and I cannot wait to see them again.

Impact was up next. Impact is from Staten Island, New York. This is my fifth time seeing this band. The last time I saw Impact was at the Acheron opening up Freedom back in January of this year. Impact has the late 1980’s and early 1990’s sound of New York Hardcore. If you like Killing Time, Cro-Mags, Madball, and Warzone this band is for you. They opened up their set with a cover of Madball’s Set it off. That got the crowd going off for them. Throughout the entire set the Long Island scene showed a lot of love to Impact. Every song got a good reaction from the audience. This was my favorite set I ever seen them play because the band sounded great and the reaction they got was great. Overall Impact is a great band and this band is worth checking out.

High Card took the stage. This is my fifth time seeing High Card. The last time I saw High Card was back in May at Shakers with Limit, Lost Souls, and Malfunction. High Card is a Long Island Hardcore band that takes a lot of influences from 1980’s Hardcore scene. They recently released their 1st full length Generation Y. Once this band started they got a pretty solid reaction of people moshing. There was a lot more people in the room for this band. This was first seeing this band having a really good reaction from the audience. I like the style they bring to the table. High Card and Limit are doing similar styles of more fast paced Hardcore on Long Island.  Overall High Card played a solid set. Their next Long Island show will be at AMH on August 14th with Ramallah, Colin of Arabia, Sanction, and Blame God.

The last band of the night was Hangman. There were still a lot of people there for their set which was great. I believe over 60 people showed for this show. There should have been more but whatever. This was my seventh time seeing Hangman. The last time I saw them was when they opened up for Silent Majority. Hangman sound is mixed with Backtrack, Biohazard, and Neglect. The music is right in your face. The band started to play and everyone was going off. There were at least twenty people moshing at one point. It was insane. Hangman seemed to really enjoy the audience reaction. I saw this band back when they were a four piece and ever since they added a second guitarist they have gotten so much better. Overall Hangman played a great set and it was better than the set they played opening up for Silent Majority. Their next show is going to be their record release show at AMH on August 3rd with Blistered, Jukai, Malice At The Palace, Separated, Uzi Kids, and Forced Out.

Hangman, High Card, Impact, Whittled Down, Mase, Limit, and Discolor @ Shakers Pub 7/16/16

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