Upcoming Shows 7/15/16-7/21/16

Here’s week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

July 15th

  1. Bowery Ballroom- The Hotelier, Told Slant, Loone, Bellows.
  2. The Grand Victory- No Redeeming Social Value, The Krays, Examine, We All Die.
  3. Obriens- Catlike, Sina Cura, Nexus Canvas, TBA.
  4. Don Pedro- Hopeless Otis, Deacon Bill, Menage A Garage, Casual Friday, Annie and The Bombers.
  5. AMH- Two Man Advantage, Fighting 405, Deathcycle, Ice Cold Killers, Gangway!.
  6. El Lanes Show- Life Hiatus, Wings of the Whale, Gianni Paci, Girl Nowhere, TBA.
  7. The Studio at Webster Hall- Trade Wind, Many Rooms, Wander, Only Sibling.
  8. Webster Hall- Wolfmother, The Living Statues.
  9. Union Pool- The Muffs, 1-800-Band, Louie Louie.
  10. Muchmore- Special Guest Headliner, Waterfall Strainer, We The Cholocate.
  11. Summer Stage Stone Poney- 311, Matisyahu.

July 16th

  1. Shakers Pub- Hangman, High Card, Impact, Whittled Down, Mase, Limit, Discolor.
  2. Wamleg- Laid 2 Rest, Stab You in The Hand, Buried Dreams, Sanction, Cast In Blood, Kin of Winter.
  3. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- The Real Kids, The Dazies, Big Huge, Greasy Hearts.
  4. Obriens- The Avodiers, Dead on a Friday, Acid Boy, Abandoned Vessels, Yum-Yuckers, R.O.T.
  5. AVIV- Meek is Murder, Escuela, Ides, Sick Shit, Kids Having Kids.
  6. Aviv- The Superweaks, The Obessives, Heart Attack Man, Nervous Dater.
  7. Fitizies Irish Pub- Misgiver, REPS, Insidious, Exile.
  8. Cafe Nine- Richie Ramone, The Adbuctors, Dagwood, TBA.
  9. Baby’s All Right- Hey Mercedes, Prawn.
  10. Goldsounds- A Will Away, Save Face, Secoue.
  11. Summer Stage Stone Pony- Jane’s Addiction, Dinosaur Jr., Minus The Bear.
  12. Hollis Woods Community Church- Gone By Friday, Legend of You, TBA, My Kinda Fore, Another Astronaut, The Nightmare Police, All Out!.
  13. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- No One and The Somebodies, Gobbinij, Snail Mail, Human People.
  14. Monty Hall- The Muffs, Low Doese, Tough Shirts.
  15. Revoultion Music Hall- Patent Pending, Crawling Strange, Silver Silver, Fawkes.

July 17th

  1. Wamleg- Hangman, Impact, Mase, At Wits End, Atonement.
  2. AVIV- Winter Break, Make War, Katie Ellen, Couple Hundo, Hiccup.
  3. Scarlet Pub- Morningside Lane, Debt League, Gulps, FENCE.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- Silence Equals Death, Enziguri, No Fucking Chance, Unkempt Herald, Scrapers.
  5. Grand Victory- Caught in a Trap, Ache, Hot Blood, Risers, Scapers.
  6. Lyric Hall Theater- The Obessessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, TBA.
  7. Ciafonos Bar- Torture Rack, Pink Mass, Devoidov, Locus Mortis.
  8. The Capitol Theatre- Jane’s Addiction, Dinosaur Jr.
  9. Saint Vitus Bar- Old Lines, Prisoner, Mary Todd.
  10. Shea Stadium- Freya Wilcox, Jesus & His Judgemental Father,Cutters, InCirles.
  11. Amityville Music Hall- Aidron, Hold Fast Hope, Fight of The Cenutry, Final Call. Crisis King, Versis The Wake, Mata.

July 18th

  1. Mr. Beerys- Deep Pockets, White Night, Beach Craft Bonanza, Adult Magic.
  2. Summer Stage Central Park- The Feelies,Beach Fossile.

July 19th

  1. AVIV- Iron Chic, Dikembe, Slingshot Dakota, ROMP.
  2. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Jeff Rosenstock, The Sidekicks, Winter Break, Binary Hearts.
  3. The Meatlocker- Pisskvlt, Dusters, Garage Brain, Vitmain Lead, Pleasures of The Ultra Violent.

July 20th

  1. AMH- Iron Chic, Dikembe, Slingshot Dakota, OSO OSO, Macseal, No Stranger.
  2. Beet SHMERB- The Great Depression, Fox Wound, Of The Vine, The Vaughns, Fire is Motion.
  3. DA Brass- Action Beat, Opening Bell, 100% Black, Osito.
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Royal Headache, Career Suicide, Warhog.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Ascend/Descend, Death Vaction, Sentience.
  6. Gamecharger World- The Obessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks.
  7. Trans Perco- Total Slacker, Bichkraft, Deil Girls.

July 21st

  1. AMH- The Obsessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, Shelly, Bedmakers.
  2. 73 See Gallery & Design- The Great Depression, Milkmen, Whiner, The Roswell Dance, & Birches.
  3. Fitizies Irish Pub- Bruise, Kharma, Throat Culture, Druse.
  4. Black Bear Bar- Chrch, Fister, Kosmodermonic.
  5. The Paramount- Gin Blossoms, The Adam Ezra Group.
  6. Market Hotel- Royal Headache, Career Suicide, JJ Doll, Degreaser.
Upcoming Shows 7/15/16-7/21/16

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