Nothing, Citizen,Culture Abuse, Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zieglar Duo @ Market Hotel 7/10/16

Last Sunday, Nothing was wrapping their final date of their tour. This was their second night playing New York City but this show was in a different venue. The Market Hotel is a smaller venue than the Bowery Ballroom. This was not a sold out show but there still a lot of people there. The lineup was the same as the night before with Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeiglar Duo opening, followed by Culture abuse, and then Citizen. The Market Hotel is a new venue in Brooklyn and has been getting a lot of big show here. Overall this is a pretty cool venue.

The opening act of the night was Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeiglar duo. They are a experimental group that plays music that are very similar to music scores. They are unique for this lineup because most of the bands that were playing are very loud and people sing along too. The group was instrumental and some what quite. Quite as in people where talking during their set. They had more people watching them compare to the night before. I am not a fan of this group but i really hated how disrespectful people were in the back talking while this band was on. I respect what this band was doing it is not my style but this tick me off. Mary Lattimore was playing an harp which was very different but way she played it was amazing. Overall this band was good the second time around.

Up next was Culture Abuse. The night before I saw them played an fantastic set. Culture Abuse is pretty much the new kings of Punk rock. They are a six piece that comes from San Francisco, California. If you mix Wavves, Black Flag, and Nirvana Culture Abuse is born. This band is blowing up with the release of their album Peach that came out last April. I was expecting a lot of chaos during this set once they started to play but that did not happen. The audience was really laid back for this band. No one stage dive or moshed for them. I was really surprise because they had a lot of people the night before singing along to their material. The band played a great set but the audience was just standing there. I was really surprise about this. Overall Culture Abuse is a good band and worth checking out. I would like to see this band again.

Citizen was up next. This is my fifth time seeing this band. Citizen is from Toledo, Ohio. The night before they got a descent reaction from the audience but I was expecting a lot more fro this show. The day before was the Warped Tour date which a lot of Citizen fan base are people who attend that show. I expected a lot of Citizen fans at this show. Once they started to play a lot of people where up front for them. People were singing along and stage diving for them. A lot of people went straight to the floor because no one knows how to catch people at all. Citizen played a great set. The set list was very similar to the night before. They a mixed from both albums Youth and Everybody Goes to Heaven. Overall this set was really good. Not the best but really good. Citizen I could see night after night and i can not wait to see them again at Riot Fest in Chicago this upcoming September.

Nothing took the stage. This was the final set of the tour. This was my fourth time seeing this band. Nothing is a Shoegaze band from Philly and they are leading the genre currently. They have sound that mixes My Bloody Valentine with Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. Nothing is one of may favorite current bands. One they started to play it was like a big blow out party. The members of Culture Abuse started to throw confetti, wrapping paper and other small harmless things at the band and the crowd. The audience gave a better reaction to the band on Sunday then they did on Saturday. To me Saturday’s show Nothing played a lot better but Sunday they still were great. The crowd was moshing and stage diving for them. Just like the night before they seemed a little intoxicated but they were still crushing it. One of the singers and guitar players of the band Brandon Setta was taking people’s beers, drinking it, returning the bottle, and then rocked out on stage. Nothing did not let me down this weekend. Nothing was great on Sunday and if you missed these two shows this past weekend you messed up big time.

If you want to see the review for the previously night here it is…

Nothing, Citizen,Culture Abuse, Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zieglar Duo @ Market Hotel 7/10/16

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