Nothing, Citizen, Culture Abuse, and Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeiglar @ Bowery Ballroom 7/9/16

Last Saturday, Nothing played their first of two NYC shows at the Bowery Ballroom. The band was on tour supporting their new album that came out last May titled Tired of Tomorrow. For the remaining four dates of the tour Nothing added Citizen and Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeiglar Duo to play Washington D.C., Philly, and two New York shows. Culture Abuse was on tour as well but for all of the dates. This was a sold out show and every time I have been to the Bowery Ballroom the shows were sold out.

The Opening act of the night was Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeiglar Duo. This duo is from Philly. At first I thought this was either an acoustic duo or something like the White Stripes or the Black Keys. I was wrong with this one. The Duo was on stage with a bunch different instruments you would never see at a standard Rock shows. Mary was playing a harp which was pretty sick. Jeff was playing guitar, synth, and melodica. The music they made sounded like movie soundtracks. It was pretty interesting. I was not really into but I saw a lot of talent in this group. There were not a lot of people there for them. I think there was about 40 and people seemed to be interested. After the first song ended it took a couple of seconds for the audience to clap and realize the song was over. The duo did not speak until the end of the yet which I thought was a little weird. Overall the music was interesting and it was not for me but I respect it a lot. Too experimental and different for me.

Up next was Culture Abuse. Culture Abuse has been blowing up this year with the release of their album Peach. Culture Abuse are a six piece band with three guitar players . Personally I really can not stand seeing three guitar players in one band. I see no point in this. Once they band started to play I stop caring and was amazed by the way they were playing. A lot of people up front were singing to the songs. The band themselves was wild on stage. Culture Abuse was a little too much on the intoxicated said but they were great. They were having so much fun on stage. It seemed like a lot people were digging them. People were moshing for them. I believe this set gained Culture Abuse a lot of fans because later on i saw a bunch of people having their shirts and records. Culture Abuse sound is a mix of a more Punk rock version of Wavves mixed with Black Flag and other LA 70’s and 80’s Punk bands. They played a great set and I was excited to see this band again the following night at the Market Hotel. Overall Culture Abuse is worth checking out and their latest album is on my 25 best releases of the year so far list.

Citizen was up next. This is my forth time seeing this band. Citizen is from Toledo, Ohio and a few months prior i saw this band in the same room but as a headline . I thought I was pretty cool for Nothing to put Citizen on the last few dates of tour. I knew before hand that this set was going to be a little weird because Citizen has more a younger adult and teenage following where Nothing is more for an older crowd. Once they started to play people went off for them. Citizen played a mix of of both their albums Youth and Everybody Goes to Heaven. People were moshing to them, stage diving, and singing along to their material. A lot of the people who were upfront were the people going off for them. Their should have been more people there for them especially since Citizen is a big deal in the Pop-Punk and Emo scene. I figured that since Warped Tour stop at Jones Beach was the same day. This probably affected their draw but overall there was still good portion of people there for them. Citizen played a great set and I always love seeing this band time after time.

Nothing took the stage. This was my third time seeing them. Nothing is a Shoegaze band from Philly. As i mention before they were on tour supporting their new album Tired of Tomorrow. Tired of Tomorrow is my favorite release of the year and if have not listen to it yet you are messing up. Once Nothing played it was so great. Everything about this band I love. I love the fact they were intoxicated and still payed a great set. Hearing them play new song and old songs was sick. A lot of the new songs they were playing sounded perfect. The crowd gave pretty good reaction to them. Compare to the first time I saw them the crowd for that show was 100 times crazier but overall the crowd was descent. Going back to the band they did a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead which was awesome to see. The band played almost an hour and had a really solid set. Some of the members of the audience were screaming to play louder but I thought the sound was perfect. Besides that everyone played a good set and all of these bands are worth checking out.

Here’s a link to the top 25 releases of this year.

Nothing, Citizen, Culture Abuse, and Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeiglar @ Bowery Ballroom 7/9/16

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