Quicksand and Converge @ House of Vans 7/06/16

Last Wednesday, I got a chance to check out a free show at the House of Vans in Williamsburg, New York. This was my first time at this venue and this was a special event. The lineup was Quicksand and Converge. I have seen Converge before but seeing Quicksand was going to be a cool experience. House of Vans was in a big warehouse that also had a very backyard area and skate ramps. What I liked about the venue is that they were giving out free water and drinks. The pricing for the food was descent. Overall the venue was cool but extremely hot. While watching the sets I was melting away but I still had a great time.

Converge was the opening band of the night. When this show was first announced they said there will be a special guest opening but it was never confirmed. Once they started to play a big pit opened up for them. Converge is an old school Metalcore band from Salem, Massachusetts. This was my second time seeing them. Converge played a mix set that was filled with old and new songs. Hearing songs like “The Broken Vow” and “Phoenix in Flames” was awesome. For a band that has been playing for over twenty five years they have a lot of energy while performing. Even the crowd reaction for them was great. A lot of people were moshing, crowd surfing, and singing the lyrics. The lead singer mentioned they are currently writing a new album and will be finished soon. The last album came out 2012 (All Love We Love We Leave Behind).  Right after “Concubine” they were about to end their set but they played “Jane Doe” which was really sick and really unexpected.

Quicksand took the stage. Quicksand is an Alternative Metal/Post-Hardcore band from New York City. Quicksand is a very influential group from the 1990’s and I was glad to finally get a chance to see them. I was not familiar with a lot of their material but they did play some of the song I knew. Quicksand opened their set with “Fazer” which was sick. The crowd gave a really good reaction to these guys. People were moshing and crowd surfing. At first the crowd seemed a little tame and really tired which would make senses because the venue was brutally hot. Then people started to really getting into it which was nice. The band did they cover of The Smiths song “How Soon is Now.” I am huge Smith fan and I was very excited to hear that song live. Quicksand sounded great overall. This set made me become more of a fan of this band and I would to see them again but in a better venue possibly a smaller venue. Last Wednesday was great and everyone reading who has not seen these two bands should go see these bands now.

Quicksand and Converge @ House of Vans 7/06/16

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