June Releases

Here is another month of great music coming out this year. It is crazy how the year is half way over. Besides that here is a list of my top six favorite releases of June followed by other release I feel were worth checking out.

My Top six

  1. Nails- You Will Never Be One of Us
  2. Criminal Instinct- Zone 6 Music
  3. Draw The Line- Stake Your Claim
  4. Forever Beautiful: A Collection of Love for Orlando
  5. Told Slant- Going By
  6. Table Talk- S/T EP

Here are the rest of the releases that I recommend also to check out.

Direct Hit!- Wasted Mind

Deer Leap- Here. Home.

Deer Leap- Impermanence

Elvis Depessedly- Halo Pressures/California Dreamin

Gates- Parallel Lives

G.L.O.S.S.- Trans Day of Revenge

Harm/Shelter- Paycheck

Jank- PULSE Community Fund Single

Mikey Erg- Tentative Decisions

Sand- Death To Sheeple

Secret Space- The Window Room  

Vamchara- Lapse

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes & Fits- Split

June Releases

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