The Stone Roses at MSG 6/30/16

Last Thursday, I got a chance to finally see The Stone Roses. I have been waiting to see them since I first heard them in 2008. This was almost a sold out show and this was their first time playing NY in over twenty years. Also this was their only North American date so this was something very special. The show was very important to me because of how long I have been listening to them. The last time I was at the garden was a few weeks ago seeing the Cure which was another amazing show. I sat on the bridge which was pretty cool and I was dead center. I had a great view of the stage and I was really excited for this show to begin.

Stone Roses had an opening band which was Rodrigo y Gabriela. They are an acoustic guitar duo from Mexico. Before this set started I thought they were an Indie band but actually they are an instrumental band. Once they started to play it was beautiful and I enjoyed what I watching. These two musicians were just playing their acoustic guitars and they were so talented. Their sound was a mix of Spanish music, Jazz, and Metal. I could not believe what I watching. There were not a lot of people there at first but for the ones that were there, they really enjoyed what they were watching. The duo performed some Metallica covers which were crazy. This set was amazing and I was some what bummed out when they got off the stage. Rodrigo Y Gabriela were phenomenal and I recommend seeing them if you have not.

Stone Roses took the stage. They had a standing ovation before they even started to play. Stone Roses are from Manchester, England and like I said before this was there first time playing New York City in over twenty years. The first song of the set was “I Wanna Be Adored” which is my favorite song. They sounded great and Ian Brown vocals were spot on. Every song they played the crowd just loved them. People could not get enough of them. The crowd sang along to every song and people were just so alive. They had general admission and people were just dancing to them. I also sang almost every song they played. They played the entire first album which is there self titled album, mix of their second album Second Coming, a new song and some songs off the compilation Turns in Stone. Hearing songs like “Waterfall”, “Made of Stone”, and also “She Bang the Drums” just made me feel alive. I never thought I would see this band and I absolutely every second of this set.  The band played for an hour and forty and they rocked the garden. They had no encore but their final song was “I Am the Resurrection” which was fantastic live.   This show was probably one of my favorite shows of this year. If they come back to New York I will go see them again. If you get a chance to see The Stone Roses do not blow it repeat do now blow it.


The Stone Roses at MSG 6/30/16

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