Upcoming Shows 7/1/16-7/6/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. These shows are in the Tri-State area.

July 1st

  1. Shakers Pub- Separated, Laid 2 Rest, Path to Misery, Vein, Tourniquet, Draw The Line.
  2. The Bell House- Dragged Into Sunlight, Primitive Man, Cult Leader, Churchburn.
  3. El Lanes Lines- Gutterlife, The B-List, Glass Lungs, My Kinda Fire, Legend of You, Matt Weiss Music, MC C.B.
  4. Suburbia- Signals Midwest, Katie Ellen, Broadcaster, Couple Hundo.
  5. Don Perdo- Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Anasazi, La Misma, Haunt.
  6. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Arrows in Her, Sports (MA), Hold On Caulfield, Weather Lone, Black Diamond, Furnace Creek, Elepant Jake, Curly.
  7. Wamleg- Of Feather and Bone, Mourned, Funeral Chic, Hang Your Cross, Cauterized.

July 2nd

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Silent Majority, Iron Chic, Primivite Weapons, Green Sleep.
  2. Fenix Studio- Impact, Hangman, Nerves End, I Disappear, Spit It Out.
  3. The Silent Barn- Of Feather and Bone, Funeral Chic, Toxicology, Haunt.
  4. AMH- Cayetana, Casanova, Catlike, Back From Nothing.
  5. Maxwell’s Tavern- The Banner, Of Feather and Bone, Hounds, Funeral Chic.
  6. The Grand Victory- The Threads, The Stops, The Last Thrones, Rival Threat.
  7. Brighton Bar- The Dictators NYC, Frankstein 3000, After The Burn, Johnny Neutrino & The Order of The Crawling Hand.
  8. The Acheron- Suppression, Geryon, Skullshitter, Hagj.
  9. Baby’s All Right- Heavens Gate, Western Medication, Death Bells, Decopum.
  10. The Meat Locker- Whiner, Klozapin, Tomoreaux, Other Things, Roswell Debacle.
  11. Mac 650 Gallery & Artisit Co-Op- Tri-State Era, The Refector, And The Traveler, Back of a Car, In Response.
  12. Bloomfield Village Pizza- Close to Consideration, Stumpeter, Living Tradition, To Lively, Fat Randy, Jared Knapk.
  13. AMH- Vigil Antics, My Sword and Shield, The Muckrakers, All But Impossible, Dear Anonymous, Chain Dazey, Kyle Horn Guitar.
  14. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- People’s Temple Project, Sexy Neighbors, The Black Black.

July 3rd

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Silent Majority, Mind Over Matter, Miracle Drag, Group Leader.
  2. Mr. Beerys- Go Big, Cold Wrecks, The Pandemics, Binary Hearts.
  3. The Acheron- Satan’s Satyrs, The Golden Grass, Tower, Vimena.
  4. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Hymn, Casanova, Life After Tv, Puppy Brother.
  5. The Grand Victory- CLose to the Edge, Decimate The Living, Examine, False Gods, None Above All.

July 4th

  1. The Acheron- CHUD, Make War, Sick Head.
  2. Shea Stadium- Passway, Baggage, Vapers.

July 5th

  1. The Space- The Most, Perspective A Lovely Hand to Hold, Mid Altantic Title, Jelani Sui, Pear.
  2. Shea Stadium- Pass Away, Bassage, Vapers.

July 6th

  1. House of Vans- Quicksand, Converge, TBA.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- letlive., Seahaven, Silver Snakes, Night Verses.
  3. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- The Mineral Girls, America Was A Mistake, Alliteration, Attica.

July 7th

  1. Mexcali Live- Benchpress, Impact, Hangman, Wastelands, MVA.
  2. The Bowery Ballroom- The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Culture Shock, Drunken Rampage.
  3. The Acheron- Black Tusk, Natar, Belus.
  4. Boontunes- The Great Swamps, Dutch Pop, Sunflower, Young Legs, Ghost Camp.
Upcoming Shows 7/1/16-7/6/16

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