Full Moon Fest 2016

This upcoming weekend is the festival Full Moon Fest. This is a two day hardcore festival that is happening on Saturday and Sunday. This festival is taking placeat 3605 live at East Wareham, Massachusetts. Supermoon Records presents a 3065 live benefit. Doors are at 3pm and bands start at 4pm. This will also be the final Caught in a Crowd show. For everyone who is going have great time and enjoy yourself.

Day One July 30th 

Caught in a Crowd, Violence to Fade, Detriment, Glory, Mourned, No Way Out, Ends Meet, Misgiver, Full Body Shot, Silence Equals Death, Combatant, Cauterized, Spit It Out.

Day Two July 31st

Meth Mouth, Waste of Life, Mutiny Aboard, Satyagraha, Brittle Bones, I Trust You to Kill Me, Bottomfed, Recluse, Mom Fight, Nervous Aggression, Crime Spree.

Full Moon Fest 2016

Upcoming Shows 7/29/16-8/04/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

July 29th

  1. Brick TWP Volunteer EMS Hall Rentals- Leeway, Naysayer, Heavy Chains, Krust, Vengenace, Full Circle.
  2. Stone Pony Summerstage- The Bouncing Souls, Rocket From The Crypt, The Explosion, The Flatliners, Creeper.
  3. The Bowery Ballroom- Swans, Okkyang Lee.
  4. The Chance Theater- Cannibal Corpse, Nile, After The Burial, Suffocation, Carnifex, Revocation, Krisum, TBA.
  5. Aviv- Amrevz, Comrades, Escasos Recursos, Clitorium, Raise The Kicky.
  6. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Sundried Everything, Marigolds, Sunflower, Furnsss, Rita Fishbone, Mom Pop + CO, Nick Looney & Mike Basil.

July 30th

  1. AMH- Murphy’s Law, Zero Rights, Point Blank, Agitator, The Great Lie, Nerves End.
  2. Meatlocker- Suburban Scum, The Banner, Threat 2 Society, Buried Dreams, Dutch Guts.
  3. Irving Plaza- D Generation, Biters, Jereany and The Harvequins, Wyldlife.
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Swans, Okkyung Lee.
  5. Fatbaby NYC- Supernatural Psycho, Petal Head, Arson Welles.
  6. Hollis Woods Community Church- Thirty Silver, Enemy of The Stare, Nervous Aggression, Sonder, Rhome Tsunami.
  7. Shea Stadium- Ron Gallo, Pink Mexico, Staydeyed.
  8. Paul Tavern Lake Como- Underdog, Choke Artist, The Last Stand, Full Scale Riot, Crime X Scene.

July 31st

  1. Grand Victory- Subzero, Antidote, Ultra Violence, Darkside NYC, Down Low, The Mugs.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Krallica, Regbloor, Thaetus.
  3. Shea Stadium- Washerm Pantio, Spit, Human People.
  4. The Silent Barn- Nine of Swords, Ugly Lovers, Mallory Gonzalez, Closer.

August 1st

  1. Central Park- Garbage, Kristin Kontrol.
  2. Shea Stadium- Big Eater, Frateral Twins, Sea Gost, Yuckey Duster.

August 2nd

  1. The Paramount- Chevelle, Black Map.
  2. Aviv- Somnauri, Pig Mountain, Umbra, Thera Roya.
  3. The Eclectic- Posture & The Grizzly, Cheem, Burglary, Yers, daepine, 23 Missed Calls.

August 3rd

  1. AMH- Blistered, Juaki, Hangman, Separated, Uzi Kids, Forced Out.
  2. Market Hotel- Elvis Depressdly, Teen Suicide, Nicole Dollanenged.

August 4th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Nomads, Illustraions, Panzar Bastard.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Carcass, Crowbar, Ghoul, Night Demon.
  3. Aboard The Jewel- The Fleshtones, The Headless Horsemen.
Upcoming Shows 7/29/16-8/04/16

The Obsessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, Shelly, and Bedmakers @ AMH 7/21/16

Last Thursday, The Obsessives, The Superweaks, and Heart Attack Man played their Long Island date of their tour. This show was located at Amityville Music Hall. There were two local openers which were Bedmakers and Shelly. This show had more over thirty people show which I thought was lame because the Obsessvies has some really cool music as well as the other bands playing.

First band up was Bedmakers. Bedmakers are a local Long Island band. Recently I have seen their name pop up on flyers but I never had the chance to check them out. The first song was only the lead singer on with an acoustic guitar. At first I thought it was a full band because the singer was playing a song by himself. Once the first song was over the band took the stage. Bedmakers had a Shoegaze sound mixed with some Emo vibes. I liked what I heard from this set. I saw they had members of Long Island bands Whittled Down and Macseal fill in for the band. Overall I like what I heard from this band and if you like emotional Sheogaze music then this check out this local band.

Up next was Shelly. Shelly formally named Scout is a band I miss multiple opportunities to see this local Brooklyn band. For awhile I have been waiting to see this band.  The band started to play the music seemed to be very tight. The music was Indie and Emo. The band stated that will be releasing new material this year. In fact they will be a releasing a LP later this year. Overall finally seeing this band I liked what I saw and I am looking forward to this upcoming LP.

The Superweaks was up next. They are from Philly. They used to be called the Weaks until they recently changed their name. At first I thought the Weaks and Superweaks were two different bands but later finding out they are the same band. This was my second time seeing the band. I saw last October performing at a CMJ showcase at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn opening up for Pinegrove and Superheaven. The Superweaks blend some up beat Emo music with Indie. The lead singer also plays a synth which came together perfect. The SUperweams played a pretty good set. At one point there was a guy moshing really hard to them. He was basically swinging his arms around. It was so what funny but really out of place. The band just kept playing. Overall I liked this set but he did make into a fan of theirs. The music was okay. I think majority of the crowd really enjoyed them.

Heart Attack Man was up next. This band is from Cleveland, Ohio. I never saw this band before. Looking them up I thought they were a duo but seeing them live they were a four piece. Most likely the two guys probably record everything and live they need a back up band. Once they started to play the crowd seemed to enjoy them. Their music reminded me of Weezer and other 90’s Power Pop bands. Heart Attack Man was my favorite act of the night. Once again the lonely mosher was at it again. The guy was moshing really hard for no reason at all. It was some what funny. Overall Heart Attack Man played a really good set. If they come back around the NYC/Long Island area I would go see them again.

The last act of the night was The Obsessives. The Obsessives are from Philly and this was my second time seeing this band. They are a two piece. The two members face each other while playing. The drum set was a lot closer to the audience and everyone could see him. The way the band is set up is cool. This band is not like the White Stripes or the Black Keys. The Obsessives are an Emo band. They have more of a laid back sound. I notice there were some people in the audience singing along to their material. They released a 7inch this year and played the songs off it. They also played a new song off an LP that will bee coming out in the future. As I mention before there were not a lot of people at this show. This band is really good and I am surprise with a big tour they were on there was not that many people at this show. Overall every band that played last Thursday is worth checking out. Hopefully I can see the Obsessives in the near future.


The Obsessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, Shelly, and Bedmakers @ AMH 7/21/16

Susiepalooza 2

Tomorrow is the annual backyard DIY benefit show for Pancreatic cancer research. This was started last year by James Boss who  put together a festival for his neighbor Sue Marchetti who passed away on December 23rd, 2014. Last July with the help of  his friends Sarah Waxberg and Maggie Friedman they created the first Susiepalooza that raised over $3000. The money was giving to the Lustgarten Foundation. Since then Susiepalooza has made compilation of many great bands that both touring and locals. Bands such as Superheaven, Modern Baseball, and Varials were featured on the comp. The comp raised over $500. Also the group had a table at the Long Island date of the Summer traveling festival Vans Warped Tour which raised $470. Tomorrow is really important and if you not there you’re messing up big time. Once again James and his friends put together something really cool. Some of the bands that played last year are making a return like Shorebreak, Nice Shot Kid, and Casanova. There is a mix of Long Island bands and out of state bands.  Doors are at 1pm and the show starts 2pm. Tickets are only $15. The address for the show is  142 West 11th Street, Deer Park, New York.

Here’s a link to the comp https://susiepalooza.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-big-susiepalooza-comp-volume-one


Nice Shot, Kid 8:35-END

Chase Huglin 7:50-8:20

Stories Untold 7:15-7:40

Makeshift 6:40-7:00

Shiffley 6:05-6:25

Shorebreak 5:25-5:50

Rich People 4:50-5:10

Young Culture 4:15-4:35

Cover Set 3:45-4:40

Back Home 3:10-3:30

Chaser 2:35-2:55

Casanova 2:00- 2:20

Susiepalooza 2

Upcoming Shows 7/22/16-7/28/16

Here’s a list of upcoming shows that I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

July 22nd

  1. The Studio at Webster Hall- Moose Blood, Cant’t Swim, Young and Heartless.
  2. Looney Tunes- Moose Blood.
  3. The Mansion- Big Contest, Unified Right, Society Abuse, Krimewatch, Deflect.
  4. Mr. Clearys- Winter Break, Remnants, Staring Arts, People Temple’s Project, Flaming Nosebleed.
  5. AMH- Life Lessons, Sudden Suspension, Truth in Transit, Old Folks, Rich People, Table Talk, Golden Age, Crash The Calm, Secoue.
  6. The Knitting Factory- Zebrahead, Patent Pending.
  7. The Bomb Shelter- Kaonashi, Revelations, Rumira K.
  8. Mother’s Pug Saloon- Sweet Lucy, Nerves End, Enziguri, Gamma Ghouls, A Breed Apart, House of Justice.
  9. Don Pedro- Chilled Monkey Brains, Bears Bears Bears, Prince Lions Souns, Monkey Bite.
  10. Our Lady of Perpetual- Low Lives, Figure Eight, Fox Hollow.
  11. East Islip Lanes- Cold Wrecks, Go Big, Nominee, Dollar Signs, 42 Signs, The Como Brothers.

July 23rd

  1. Tompkins Square Park- Breakdown, Token Entry, Cro-Mags, Antidote, Maximum Penalty.
  2. Niagara- Heavy Chains, Regulate, Friend or Foe, Countdown.
  3. 142 West 11th Street Deer Park, NY Susiepalooza 2- Nice Shot Kid, Chase Huglin, Stories Untold, Makeshift, Rich People, Shiffely, Young Culture, Shorebreak, Back Home, Chaser, Casanova.
  4. Stone Pony- Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit, Sponge.
  5. Shakers Pub- Aegresco, Acicula, Stray Away, A Fighting Charge, Completed and Arrangement.
  6. Aviv- Manhunt, Empty Vessels, Golagoon, Death Vacation.
  7. Aviv- Throat Culture, Drase, Inhaler, Law Suits.
  8. IKEA- Hodera, Paper Streets, Odd Folks.
  9. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Au Revoir, Lume, Thera Roya, Nouveau, Massa Nera.
  10. The Dome- Two Inch Astronaut, Spillway, Loner Chic, Cheern, Crag Mask.
  11. Saint Vitus Bar- Agathodes, Archagathus, G.O.D., Psycho, Musket Hawk, The Communion.
  12. Basement Show- Anasazi, Masses, Rahla, Pawns.
  13. Black Bear Bar- Beatrix, Potter Band, Fox Hollow, Roswell Debacle, The Loose Lips.
  14. Berlin NYC- Lydia Lunch & Gress Foreman.

July 24th

  1. AMH- Lume, Ornaments, Petal Head, Staleworth, Heal.
  2. Grand Victory- Morning Glory, Mikey Erg, Oppostion Rising, House Boat, Skarrones, Ross Noyes.
  3. Bushwick Public House- Invalids, The Most, No One and The Somebodies, Messes, Dylan Debiase.
  4. The Shed Music Shop- Drase, Throat Culture, Supine, Swooncellar.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Intronaut, Entheos, Moon Tooth.
  6. Grand Victory- 45 Adapters, The Charley Fow, Guns Don’t Run, TBA.

July 25th

July 26th

July 27th

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Jay Som.

July 28th

  1. Webster Hall- Cannibal Corpse, Nile, After The Burial, Suffocation, Carnifex, Revocation, Krisium.
  2. Stone Pony- Bouncing Souls, Beach Slang, Cayetana.
  3. Irving Plaza- Rocket From The Crypt.
  4. The Grand Victory- Crown of Thornz, Chesty Malone & The Slice Em Ups, Rebelmatic, Sunny Gang.
  5. Vimana Studios- Snowhaus, Roswell Debacle, Subculters, Futures, Electric Sensi.
Upcoming Shows 7/22/16-7/28/16

Hangman, High Card, Impact, Whittled Down, Mase, Limit, and Discolor @ Shakers Pub 7/16/16

Last Saturday, Hangman and Impact played their second to last date on their East Coast tour at Shaker Pub. Hangman booked this show and put together a great lineup that was mixed with Hardcore, Emo, and Punk. There was a good turnout for this show and also every band that played up too Impact had only a 15 minute set.

The opening band of the night was Discolor. This was my third time seeing this local Long Island band. Their sound is mixed with 90’s Alternative rock and some Emo influences. They played a quick set which was all of their new stuff. The lead singer said that the following month they will be going in the studio to record their band new EP. Their latest EP Wake drop New Years Day. Overall Discolor played really good and the new songs sounded great. They sound a lot better than the last time I saw them playing at AMH back in June. I notice a lot of people really enjoyed this set and the rest of the lineup gave them props for opening up the show. If you like Title Fight, Balance and Composure, and Nirvana this band is for you. Their next show on Long Island is August 19th at AMH with Dead of Winter and few other local acts.

Limit was up next. This was my second time seeing this Long Island Hardcore band. Limit just recently formed and played their first show back in May at Shakers opening for Malfunction and Lost Souls. Limit has more of a classic 1980’s Hardcore punk sound. Most of the Long Island Hardcore bands are very heavy and aggressive. Limit had nothing but short songs that features some good side to side parts. Not a lot of people moshed for them. Limit did a cover that only one person knew. They covered Sick of It All “It’s My Revenge.” I was a little surprise that not a lot of people knew the song. Overall Limit played really tight and I would like to see them again.

Mase was up next. This was my second time seeing this Connecticut Hardcore band. They were the only band on the lineup that was not from the New York State. I knew before this set started they would not get the reaction they deserve to get. When I saw them back In March they played a really good set and got a good reaction in Connecticut while playing to only forty people. Their music is fast and aggressive. There are a lot of heavy Hardcore and Beatdown bands from CTHC but they do not have that type of style in their music. Throughout the set they got a reaction. The second song they played which is off of their new EP that was released in March titled United States of What? opening riff reminded me a lot of Helmet’s “Unsung.” The riff was very catchy. Mase was sick the second time around.

Whittled Down was up next. This was my eighth time I have seen this Melodic Hardcore/Screamo band. Their music is a mix of Defeater, Touché Amore and Basement. They recently released a split EP with the Kentucky Screamo band The Menagerie. Since the bass player left the band they had the lead singer of Table Talk fill in the role. Whittled Down started off their set with the two songs off the split. As I mention before most of the bands playing only had fifteen minute sets. The songs sounded great as usually. The only problem was that the mic kept going out. Their last song was a new song that will be featured on their upcoming full length. This band is not a Hardcore band and they seemed to be out of their element playing this show but they were a good amount people there watching them play. They should have gotten a better reaction like their split release show. Overall Whittled Down is a great band and I cannot wait to see them again.

Impact was up next. Impact is from Staten Island, New York. This is my fifth time seeing this band. The last time I saw Impact was at the Acheron opening up Freedom back in January of this year. Impact has the late 1980’s and early 1990’s sound of New York Hardcore. If you like Killing Time, Cro-Mags, Madball, and Warzone this band is for you. They opened up their set with a cover of Madball’s Set it off. That got the crowd going off for them. Throughout the entire set the Long Island scene showed a lot of love to Impact. Every song got a good reaction from the audience. This was my favorite set I ever seen them play because the band sounded great and the reaction they got was great. Overall Impact is a great band and this band is worth checking out.

High Card took the stage. This is my fifth time seeing High Card. The last time I saw High Card was back in May at Shakers with Limit, Lost Souls, and Malfunction. High Card is a Long Island Hardcore band that takes a lot of influences from 1980’s Hardcore scene. They recently released their 1st full length Generation Y. Once this band started they got a pretty solid reaction of people moshing. There was a lot more people in the room for this band. This was first seeing this band having a really good reaction from the audience. I like the style they bring to the table. High Card and Limit are doing similar styles of more fast paced Hardcore on Long Island.  Overall High Card played a solid set. Their next Long Island show will be at AMH on August 14th with Ramallah, Colin of Arabia, Sanction, and Blame God.

The last band of the night was Hangman. There were still a lot of people there for their set which was great. I believe over 60 people showed for this show. There should have been more but whatever. This was my seventh time seeing Hangman. The last time I saw them was when they opened up for Silent Majority. Hangman sound is mixed with Backtrack, Biohazard, and Neglect. The music is right in your face. The band started to play and everyone was going off. There were at least twenty people moshing at one point. It was insane. Hangman seemed to really enjoy the audience reaction. I saw this band back when they were a four piece and ever since they added a second guitarist they have gotten so much better. Overall Hangman played a great set and it was better than the set they played opening up for Silent Majority. Their next show is going to be their record release show at AMH on August 3rd with Blistered, Jukai, Malice At The Palace, Separated, Uzi Kids, and Forced Out.

Hangman, High Card, Impact, Whittled Down, Mase, Limit, and Discolor @ Shakers Pub 7/16/16

Upcoming Shows 7/15/16-7/21/16

Here’s week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

July 15th

  1. Bowery Ballroom- The Hotelier, Told Slant, Loone, Bellows.
  2. The Grand Victory- No Redeeming Social Value, The Krays, Examine, We All Die.
  3. Obriens- Catlike, Sina Cura, Nexus Canvas, TBA.
  4. Don Pedro- Hopeless Otis, Deacon Bill, Menage A Garage, Casual Friday, Annie and The Bombers.
  5. AMH- Two Man Advantage, Fighting 405, Deathcycle, Ice Cold Killers, Gangway!.
  6. El Lanes Show- Life Hiatus, Wings of the Whale, Gianni Paci, Girl Nowhere, TBA.
  7. The Studio at Webster Hall- Trade Wind, Many Rooms, Wander, Only Sibling.
  8. Webster Hall- Wolfmother, The Living Statues.
  9. Union Pool- The Muffs, 1-800-Band, Louie Louie.
  10. Muchmore- Special Guest Headliner, Waterfall Strainer, We The Cholocate.
  11. Summer Stage Stone Poney- 311, Matisyahu.

July 16th

  1. Shakers Pub- Hangman, High Card, Impact, Whittled Down, Mase, Limit, Discolor.
  2. Wamleg- Laid 2 Rest, Stab You in The Hand, Buried Dreams, Sanction, Cast In Blood, Kin of Winter.
  3. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- The Real Kids, The Dazies, Big Huge, Greasy Hearts.
  4. Obriens- The Avodiers, Dead on a Friday, Acid Boy, Abandoned Vessels, Yum-Yuckers, R.O.T.
  5. AVIV- Meek is Murder, Escuela, Ides, Sick Shit, Kids Having Kids.
  6. Aviv- The Superweaks, The Obessives, Heart Attack Man, Nervous Dater.
  7. Fitizies Irish Pub- Misgiver, REPS, Insidious, Exile.
  8. Cafe Nine- Richie Ramone, The Adbuctors, Dagwood, TBA.
  9. Baby’s All Right- Hey Mercedes, Prawn.
  10. Goldsounds- A Will Away, Save Face, Secoue.
  11. Summer Stage Stone Pony- Jane’s Addiction, Dinosaur Jr., Minus The Bear.
  12. Hollis Woods Community Church- Gone By Friday, Legend of You, TBA, My Kinda Fore, Another Astronaut, The Nightmare Police, All Out!.
  13. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- No One and The Somebodies, Gobbinij, Snail Mail, Human People.
  14. Monty Hall- The Muffs, Low Doese, Tough Shirts.
  15. Revoultion Music Hall- Patent Pending, Crawling Strange, Silver Silver, Fawkes.

July 17th

  1. Wamleg- Hangman, Impact, Mase, At Wits End, Atonement.
  2. AVIV- Winter Break, Make War, Katie Ellen, Couple Hundo, Hiccup.
  3. Scarlet Pub- Morningside Lane, Debt League, Gulps, FENCE.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- Silence Equals Death, Enziguri, No Fucking Chance, Unkempt Herald, Scrapers.
  5. Grand Victory- Caught in a Trap, Ache, Hot Blood, Risers, Scapers.
  6. Lyric Hall Theater- The Obessessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, TBA.
  7. Ciafonos Bar- Torture Rack, Pink Mass, Devoidov, Locus Mortis.
  8. The Capitol Theatre- Jane’s Addiction, Dinosaur Jr.
  9. Saint Vitus Bar- Old Lines, Prisoner, Mary Todd.
  10. Shea Stadium- Freya Wilcox, Jesus & His Judgemental Father,Cutters, InCirles.
  11. Amityville Music Hall- Aidron, Hold Fast Hope, Fight of The Cenutry, Final Call. Crisis King, Versis The Wake, Mata.

July 18th

  1. Mr. Beerys- Deep Pockets, White Night, Beach Craft Bonanza, Adult Magic.
  2. Summer Stage Central Park- The Feelies,Beach Fossile.

July 19th

  1. AVIV- Iron Chic, Dikembe, Slingshot Dakota, ROMP.
  2. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- Jeff Rosenstock, The Sidekicks, Winter Break, Binary Hearts.
  3. The Meatlocker- Pisskvlt, Dusters, Garage Brain, Vitmain Lead, Pleasures of The Ultra Violent.

July 20th

  1. AMH- Iron Chic, Dikembe, Slingshot Dakota, OSO OSO, Macseal, No Stranger.
  2. Beet SHMERB- The Great Depression, Fox Wound, Of The Vine, The Vaughns, Fire is Motion.
  3. DA Brass- Action Beat, Opening Bell, 100% Black, Osito.
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Royal Headache, Career Suicide, Warhog.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Ascend/Descend, Death Vaction, Sentience.
  6. Gamecharger World- The Obessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks.
  7. Trans Perco- Total Slacker, Bichkraft, Deil Girls.

July 21st

  1. AMH- The Obsessives, Heart Attack Man, The Superweaks, Shelly, Bedmakers.
  2. 73 See Gallery & Design- The Great Depression, Milkmen, Whiner, The Roswell Dance, & Birches.
  3. Fitizies Irish Pub- Bruise, Kharma, Throat Culture, Druse.
  4. Black Bear Bar- Chrch, Fister, Kosmodermonic.
  5. The Paramount- Gin Blossoms, The Adam Ezra Group.
  6. Market Hotel- Royal Headache, Career Suicide, JJ Doll, Degreaser.
Upcoming Shows 7/15/16-7/21/16