Stray From The Path, Johnny Booth, and Juaki @ AMH 6/27/16

Last Monday, Stray From The Path played Amityville Music Hall for a small one off show. The band is not on tour or anything they decided to play a small show with some Long Island locals. They had Johnny Booth and Jukai opening up this show. This was a sold out show and there was a lot of heavy duty Stray fans. I saw a mix of old and news fans. Before the show I heard their set will have a lot of older material which I was excited for. For those who do not know AMH, the venue is 200 cap venue on Long Island so this show got a little crazy.

Jukai opened up the show. This was my eleventh time seeing this LIHC band. Jukai has a heavy sound mixed with hardcore and late 90’s metalcore. The band started to play and there was a little bit of a reaction. I knew before this set started I knew a lot of people would not go off for them. Most of the audiences were people who only  went to go see Stray. This was some what of a weird show for Jukai since usually they play of a lot of hardcore shows. Throughout the set maybe like 6 people went off in total for them. The reaction from the audience was especially  weird when the lead singer shouted out Stray and Johnny Booth and no one clap. The audience was just quite. Overall I love Jukai and they played a good set. Check out their latest EP Devoid of Hope which came out last December.

Johnny Booth was up next. Johnny Booth is a wild local band. By wild I mean they draw heavy influences like Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die. They have a mix sound of metal, metalcore and some progressive elements. This was my second time seeing them. The last time I saw them was last year when they opened for the Cro-Mags. That set was weird because they were out of place but they played really good. This show was a lot better for them and I felt I had a better experience seeing them this around. People were charged up front and singing along to their material. People were moshing to them and I liked the crowd energy a lot. This set did a lot of justice for me since the last time was weird. Literally this band is wild live I would like to see this band more often.

Stray took the stage. This was my eighth time seeing this Long Island band. I have been seeing them since 2012 usually as an opener on a tour and I am pretty sure this was my first time seeing them headline a show. Stray always had the best sets and the craziest pits every time I have seen them. Seeing this band at AMH was very cool. For those who never listen to Stray From The Path their sound is a mix of hardcore, metal and rap. Picture Rage Against The Machine, Every Time I Die, and hardcore having a baby. Stray From The Path are the new icons of politically charged music. Once they started to play people were moshing, crowd surfing, and even stage diving. It has been a while since I been to a show at AMH where there was a lot of people stage diving. This was probably one of the best set I have seen Stray played in a long time. The energy and the reaction from the band and the audience were great. They played a mix of old and news songs and the set was great. They did not play my favorite song “Mad Girl” but they did play “Damien” and “Negative and Violent” which was fine with me. Stray played great as well as all of the other bands. Overall last Monday was great and if you were not there you missed a good one.

Stray From The Path, Johnny Booth, and Juaki @ AMH 6/27/16

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