Whittled Down & The Menagerie Split EP Release 6/26/16

Last Sunday Whittled Down and The Menagerie ended their week and half tour of the east coast at AMH. This was their split EP release show. They had four openers to this show. Two are from Long Island which was Shorebreak and Discolor. One from upstate which was Parallel and the other from Delaware which was Past Hope. The show had over 80 people attending which was great for the touring bands.

The opening band was Parallel. Parallel are from Oneonta and have members from Long Island, Upstate NY and Massachusetts. Last Sunday they played as a three piece but mainly they are a four piece. The lead singer of the band could not make it to the show due to work reasons. The bassist filled on vocals for this show. The band played four songs which are off their EP Broken Beyond Repair that came out last April. Their sound is emo mixed with some pop punk elements. If you like Pentimento then this band is for you. Overall I liked what I heard I would like to see these guys again but as a full band.

Up next was Discolor. Discolor is a local Long Island band. This was my second time seeing them. The last time I saw this band was at my friend’s basement called the Bone zone early this year. Discolor released one of my favorite EPs so far this year titled Wake. Sunday they played a quick set that filled with brand new songs that they will be recording soon. All of the songs they played sounded great and a lot different from the material they put out early this year. Wake had a Balance and Composure worship and 90’s alternative rock feel. The new songs still continues with the 90’s feel and I felt they had their own style going on. Overall I liked what I heard and I can not wait to see them again July 16th at Shakers Pub.

Past Hope was up next. Past Hope is from Delaware and I have wanted to see this band since the beginning of this year. I heard a lot about this band through friends and the internet. They are a up and coming melodic hardcore band and I was excited to see them. Once they started they had a pit for them. Through out the entire set they only had a few people were moshing for them but they still played a great set. They also played a Buried Alive cover which was sick. They got a pretty good reaction from that. Past Hope played a great set on Sunday and honestly they are probably the best band out of Delaware right now. If you like melodic hardcore this band is for you.

The Menagerie was up next. The Menagerie is from Somerset, Kentucky. As I mention before this band is wrapping upon their tour with Whittled Down for their Split EP. For this set they had Whittled Down’s guitarist play the bass for them. I am guessing they had a bass issue on tour as well as Whittled Down. The band started to play and they were just wild. The Menagerie is a screamo band with some math rock elements. This band played a really solid set. They also did an Old Gray cover which was pretty cool. Just looking at some of the members of the audience people looked a little freaked out. screamo is not really popular on Long Island the crowd was kind more towards the pop punk/emo scene. Overall The Menagerie is a sick band and is worth checking out.

Shorebreak took the stage. This was my ninth time seeing this Long Island pop punk band. Shorebreak is one of my favorite local acts and they always play a great set. This show was important to the band because they were releasing 7 inches for their latest EP Misdirection which came out last December. As usual the band played a great set and they were a lot of people up front for them. It is always cool seeing people right in the facing of local bands and singing their words. I have not seen this band since last October but this set was great. I always love seeing this band and it is always a great time. If you like Pop Punk you have to check out this band and support them. Next show will be Susiepalooza 2 in Deer Park.

Whittled Down was up next. This is my seventh time seeing this Long Island band. As I mention before this was the split EP release show for them and The Menagerie. This set also had a lot of people up front for them and preparing to sing for them. The sound of Whittled Down is a mix of melodic hardcore, emo, and screamo elements. Vocally I would say this band has a mix of Defeater and Touché Amore. Instrumentally I hear some Balance and Composure and some other Indie bands. Every song except the last song had a huge crowd reaction of people screaming the lyrics. It has been awhile where I have seen people literally knowing the words their material. This was possibly the best time I ever seen them play. The band looked really happy to see people going off for them. The band said they will be recording some new songs. The last song of the set was a new song and it sounded really good. I can not wait to hear it recorded. Check this band if you have not they are worth it. The next Long Island show Whittled Down will be playing at Shakers Pub July 16 with Hangman, Impact, Discolor, High Card, and some other bands.

Whittled Down & The Menagerie Split EP Release 6/26/16

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