Nails, Full of Hell, God’s Hate, Eternal Sleep @ Marlin Room of Webster Hall

Last Wednesday Nails played a sold out show at the Marlin room of Webster Hall. The Marlin Room is the middle room of the three floor venue. Nails are currently on tour supporting their new album You Will Never Be One of Us out on Nuclear Blast Records. The support of the tour was Full of Hell, God’s Hate and Eternal Sleep.

The opening band of the night was Eternal Sleep. This was my third time seeing this Pittsburgh metal influenced hardcore band. Their music is very aggressive and they have these heavy riffs that you can not resist to mosh to. Just from the start people were moshing but nothing really crazy. Only a few people moshed for them. This set was my probably my favorite set from them. They played great set and they should have gotten a better reaction. They recently released their debut last month title The Emptiness Of on Closed Casket Activities. Majority of their set was off the new LP. Overall if you like hardcore/metal this band is for you. Eternal Sleep is worth listening to and seeing live.

God’s Hate was up next. I have been waiting awhile to see this band. I have been listening to them since 2014 when I discover their EP Divine Injustice. This year they came out with their first LP Mass Murder on Closed Casket Activities. God’s Hate is a metal influenced hardcore band. They worship the NYHC band Merauder a lot. They have a lot of similar riffs and guitar hooks. Once God’s Hate started to play people began to move. People moshed really hard to this band. I am not a huge fan of this band but I been wanting to see them. The set was pretty good and there had a lot people there for them. It was great when the lead singer shout out the Long Island Hardcore scene especially bands like Sanction, King Nine, and Regulate. Besides this God’s Hate was cool and they worth checking out.

Up next was Full of Hell. This was my fourth time I have seen this noisy grind/powerviolence band from Ocean City Maryland. Full of Hell will make you go def literally. Besides the band playing very loud , the singer plays around with these pedals that are just so loud and full of distortion. From start to finish the crowd was insane for them. This was probably the most violent set I ever seen them play. People were moshing in the front and in the back. Up front was people head banging and running into each other. While in the back people were just hitting each other. It also was weird set because seeing them play to more than 300 people crazy and they was a lot of space on stage for them. Usually they are on a very tight stage while playing. Full of Hell is one of the heaviest bands in grindcore right now. They always play crazy sets. I can not wait to see them play at This is Hardcore in August.

Nails took the stage. This was my second time seeing them. Nails are a four piece from Oxnard, California. By now if you do not know who Nails are you probably do not listen to hardcore or metal or even powerviolence. They are one of the most popular bands of right now. The last time I saw them was in Long Island at Amityville Music Hall. This set was crazy. People where flying off the stage, people slam into each other, and the mosh never ended. Nails played a of mix songs off all three of their albums. They played for over thirty minutes and it was a lot longer than the Long Island show. This set was a lot better than the set i saw them play in April. Probably because AMH is a small venue and there needs to be room to mosh. The marlin room was a perfect stage for Nails. During the set the lead singer talked about how metal blogs complain why too much about aggression and he is right. IF you like heavy and aggressive music you should not complain about moshing or whatever. Nails are very true to themselves and to their fans. I am very excited to see Nails again in August for This is Hardcore. if you have not seen Nails then you should be doing something about that. One of the heaviest bands right now and 100% worth seeing.

Nails, Full of Hell, God’s Hate, Eternal Sleep @ Marlin Room of Webster Hall

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