Upcoming Shows 6/24/16-6/30/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

June 24th

  1. Irving Plaza- Mosdern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips.
  2. Theater 294- Regulate, Blind Justice, Break Away, Cease 2 Resist, Counterattack.
  3. The Meatlocker- Freedom, Response, Lock, Krimewatch, Response.
  4. Eclectic- Rozwell Kid, Posture & The Grizzly, Losing Season, Perennial.
  5. Knitting Factory- Pissed Jeans, Lydia Lunch Retro Virus, Richard Papercuts.
  6. Red Bank Rehearsal Studios- Such Gold, Keep Flying, Save Face, Have a Good Season, In Angels, The Worth While Fight.
  7. The Grand Victory- Murphy’s Law, M-13, Nothing But Enmies, Agitator.
  8. AMH- Sleep On It, Marina City, Sam Pollet, Adx, Good Indentions.
  9. Alphaville- Skeleton, GlAASSS, WAD, Flared Nostril.
  10. Monty Hall- The So So Glos, Big Ups, Hondurus.
  11. Market Hotel- Downtown Boys, Pill, Wall, Ratas En Zelo.
  12. East Islip Lanes- Carve Your Niche, Enemy of The State, Graves, Paper Nautilus, Vigil Antics, The Individuals, Slacker Genius, Attica, Staogt, Transcend, The Unpermitted, Carbon Thief.

June 25th

  1. Irving Plaza- Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips.
  2. Shakers Pub- Internal Bleeding, All Out War, Everybody Gets Hurt, Tomorrow’s Victim, Detriment.
  3. Wamleg- Pinegrove, Ratboys, Cheem, Grass Stains.
  4. The Acheron- Dropdead, Ratstab, Death Vacation, TBA.
  5. Lindenhurst Youth Center- A Place to Hide, Bohemains, Adiron, Champ, Hold Fast Hope, Gutterlife.
  6. Fitzies Irish Pub- No Way Out. Before I Had Wings, The Weight We Carry, Disarm, Delinquence.
  7. The Meatlocker- Whittled Down, The Menagerie, Living Tradition, Bedtime Stories, Massa Nera, Hold on Caufield.
  8. The Studio at Webster Hall- Zao, Jesus Piece, Jagged Visions.
  9. Alphaville- Rejiem, Leash, Porvenir Oscuro, Lakras, Sick Headm Rubber.
  10. AMH- Firestarter, Living Means, Amboy, Barley Know Her, Dino Shake Party, Kelly Vargas, Uz Eagle.
  11. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Pup, Rozwell Kid, Pkew Pkew Pkew.
  12. V4- Nuclear Santa Claust, M-13, Executors, Nervous Triggers, TBA.
  13. AMH- Scar Gold, Aimless Again, Splatterhouse, Suburban Zombie, Blueback.
  14. ABC No Rio- Disassocaite, Asstroland, Mad Diesel, Agitator, E.I.D, Short Leash Snort Bleach.
  15. Market Hotel- The So Sol Glos, Big Up, Hondurus.
  16. Shea Stadium- Shark Muffin, Pink Mexico, IYEZ, ZZZ Work.

June 26th

  1. AMH- Whittled Down, Shorebreak, The Menagerie, Past Hope, Discolor, Parallel.
  2. The Acheron- Freedom, Lock, Response, Claim, Lion’s Cage.
  3. The Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Dead Kennedys, Urban Waste, The Welch Boys, Yo! Scunt.
  4. Gramercy Theatre- Turbonegro.
  5. Union Pool- Rainer Maria, Aye Nako.
  6. Aviv- Slothrust, Mal Blum, A Deer A Horse, Blunt Mary.
  7. Scarlet Pub- Subtitles, Jean Pool, Motor Head Man, The Brothers Union.

June 27th

  1. AMH- Stray From The Path, Johnny Booth, Jukai.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- The Adicts.
  3. The Meatlocker- Short Leash, Idles, Death Vacation.
  4. Dingbatz- Trophy Wives, Sleep on It, Madina City.

June 28th

  1. Gramercy Theatre- FLAG, War on Women, The Dirty Nil.
  2. Revolution Music Hall- The Toasters, Crisis Crayons, Wings of The Whale, Short Notice.
  3. Dingbatz- Candy Hearts, Chase Huglin.
  4. Shea Stadium- Banned Booked, Pink Wash, Special Guest, The Cradle.
  5. The Paramount- Soul Asylum, The English Beat.

June 29th

  1. Highlands Basement- Kublai Khan, Illusionist, Resentment, Pry, Repressed.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- King Parrot, Child Bite, Black Black Black, Cetus.
  3. Brighton Bar- Cayetana, Hodera, Semoitics, Posture Yellow.
  4. Black Bear Bar- Brick By Brick, Apparition, Black Dawn, Embrace Agony, The Only Weapon.

June 30th

  1. Shakers Pub- Cult Leader, Of Feather and Bone, Carcosa, Funeral Chic, Forced, Locus Mortis.
  2. AVIV- Stove, Fern Mayo, Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes, Firs/
  3. The Acheron- Backslider, Radiation Black Body, The Wayward.
Upcoming Shows 6/24/16-6/30/16

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