Turnover, Sports, Secret Space, and Forth Wanderers @ Mercury Lounge

Last Monday I saw Turnover again at a venue I never been to before. The Mercury Lounge is located down on Houston street on the East side. Turnover is currently on tour with Secret Space and Sports. This was a sold out show. Turnover played the NYC/LI area three times on this tour. Last Saturday was at AMH which I attended, the day after which was their Brooklyn stop which was at the Market Hotel and the show I attended on Monday. Mercury Lounge is a tiny venue probably holds 150-200. I am glad that I finally got a chance to attend a show at this venue.
Last Monday they added an opening band to the show. Forth Wanderers started the show off. Forth Wanderers are a Indie band from Montclair, New Jersey. Their are a five piece and I have never seen them before. I recenlty have been seeing their name playing plenty of shows in the Tri-state area. Forth Wander was a pretty good opener. I noticce that there were people in the audience  singing along to their music. They had alot of people there for them which was good. They had a very poppy sound with a mix of mathy guitars. Overall I liked what  I heard and I am glad I got a chance to see them.
Up next was Secret Space. This is my second time seeing them. This three piece band is from Toledo, Ohio. A few days before hand they just released their debut album The Window Room on Equal Visions Records. This band played a better set tonight then they did on Saturday night. I also felt that this band was liked more at this shows compare to the Long Island show. Secret Space style of music is a mix of Emo and Indie Rock of the 2000’s. Their style is cool and I liked what I heard. Their music relies on pedals but they are not shoegaze. Besides all of this Secret Space played a good set and they are worth checking out.
Sports took the stage. This is my second time seeing this four piece from Gambier, Ohio. This is not the Sports band from Massachusetts. When I saw them in Long Island and I liked them alot. Last Monday they also played a good set. Sports played these short and catchy songs. This band reminded me of Joyce Manor, Weezer, Hole, and Wavves. Personally I love short and catchy songs so I loved what I was hearing. The audience seemed to like it. Just looking around it seemed that people were more into them at this show than the Long Island show. I think both the styles of Secret Space and Sports are more welcoming in the City rather than LI. What i mean by this is that there are not alot Long Island people really into Indie in this style. Most of the crowd on Saturday were only there to see Turnover. Monday I felt like everyone was there for Turnover and one of the opening bands. Overall Sports is worth checking out and hopefully I could see this band soon.
Turnover was up next. This was my seveth time seeing this Vrigina Beach band. Turnover is band that you could see night after night. I saw them twice on the tour and they always put on a great show. They played almost the same exact set as they did the saturday before. The only difference they played “Change Irreversible” from their single that was relased this year. Besides those two new songs the rest of the set were songs from Peripheral Vision.   This set was very tame with the crowd. Alot of people sang along but no one rushed up the stage. No one was crowd surf, stage dive, or even mosh. I really liked how laid back the audience was. The band sounded great and the venue was perfect for this show. It is really cool that I got the chance to see them seven times in a span of a year and half. This was their last tour in North America for 2016 so when they annoucne a new tour everyone who has not seen them should go see them. I will be seeing them another two more times in September. I will seeing them at Back to School Jam in NJ and Riot Fest in Chicago. Overall every band that played last monday played good sets and everyone who is reading this should check them out.

Turnover, Sports, Secret Space, and Forth Wanderers @ Mercury Lounge

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