The Cure and The Twilight Sad Day Two @ MSG 6/19/16

Last Sunday, The Cure played their second show of the their three night stand at Madison Square Garden. This was my first time seeing them and I waited eight years for this to happen. The show was not sold out but the other two shows were. I am guessing it is the fact that the day was Father’s Day. I was seating at section 205 and I was dead center for The Cure. Personally I am not a huge fan of arena shows but it’s The Cure I did not care I just wanted to see them. The last time I was at the Garden was back in February seeing Black Sabbath’s final NYC show.
The Cure had an opening band which was The Twilight Sad. I never heard of this band before The Cure annoucned their tour. I have no idea where they came from or what they souded like. Once they started to play they sounded like an Scottish Folk band. The lead singer sang with an Scottish accent which was really cool and unique. It is very different to see a singer sing in his native accents. There were not a lot of people there for them in the beginning of their set. As the set progress people stated to fill in. The band was a little generic and they had a strong 2000’s Indie sound but I liked what I heard. After every song the lead singer was thankful to the members of the audience who watch them play. It must be so great for an opening band from another country opening for the Cure on tour and playing three night Madison Square Garden. If you like 2000’s Post Punk Revival then The Twilight Sad is a band that is worth checking out.
The Cure took the stage. I have been waiting to see this band since 2008. This band is on the my list of bands I need to see and I finally got the chance. The Cure has been a band since the late 70’s. Their style music reaches around Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, Goth Rock, and Alternative. The crowd was electricfied to see this band on stage. The Cure opening song was “Open.”  There were alot of people dancing in their set throughtout the set which i never seen before at a arena show. Towards the end i part take in it. The Cure played a good portion of hits and b-sides. They played my favorite songs “Lovesong”, “Pictures of You”, and “In between days.” The Cure stage was pretty tame and they were just on stage playing their songs. There was not that much takling between the band and audience. I thought that was a little strange. They had a generic arena setup. Besides all of this the band played a great set. Their set was 31 songs and they played four encores. The fact they played four encores was abouslty insane. Encore one and two were some very old classic were the other encores were more of thier hits. The only thing I did not like about this show was some of the song choices. It was cool that they played a lot of B sides and some of the lesser known hits but they could have played “Friday I’m in love.” Otherwise Sunday was a great show. They ended their set with “Boy’s Don’t Cry.” The Cure was great and I 100% recommend everyone who is reading this to see the Cure. One of the best live bands out there and they played an fantastic set.

The Cure and The Twilight Sad Day Two @ MSG 6/19/16

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