Turnover, Sports, and Secret Space @ AMH 6/18/16

Last Saturday, Turnover played a sold out show at Amityville Music Hall. Turnover is currently on tour with Secret Space and Sports. This is my first time ever seeing Turnover playing in a really small venue that was less than 200 people capacity. Turnover is playing the LI/NYC three times on this tour. The other two shows are at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn and Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. There were no local acts for this show so this  was a quick show. It been awhile since I have been to this venue without attending that was not an hardcore show.

The opening band of the night was Secret Space. Secret Space is a three piece from Toledo, Ohio. The band just released their debut album the day before titled The Window Room on Equal Visions Records. There were a lot of people there for them once they started to play. Their music was a mix of Indie Rock and Emo. The band were very heavy on pedals but they were not shoegaze. Members of the audience seemed to be interested. I did not notice anybody singing along to their material. Overall Secret Space played a great set and I enjoyed what I heard. I will be seeing them again at the Monday stop of the tour 6/20 at Mercury Lounge. Check out their debut album that I mention before.

Sports took the stage. Sports are a four piece band from Gambier, Ohio. This is not to be confused with the other bands called Sports (MA) or Sport (France). Sports are a Punk mixed with some Power Pop band. Once they started to play I like what I heard. They sounded somewhat like Wavves but without the beach feeling. I loved the short and catchy songs they played. Everything about this band was great. Still there was not a crowd reaction to this band. People seemed interested but I notice no one was singing along or really into them. I personally liked them I think they will get a better reaction at the next show I am going to. If you like Poppy Indie Punk then I recommend all of those reading this to check out this band.

Turnover took the stage. This is my sixth time seeing the band. Turnover is from Virginia, Beach. Since the release of their sophomore album Peripheral Vision they always put on great sets. For those who never listen to Turnover before, their sound is a mix of Emo, Indie, and there some elements of Shoegaze. This band is pretty popular with the Pop Punk crowd as well with their first album Magnolia. Once they started they were a lot of people moved up to the front. During their first song there was crowd surfer which I found funny. When I saw them at Bowery Ballroom back in April there were a lot of people moshing and stage diving. Last Saturday was not the case. People were just having a good time by standing there and singing along to every song. Most of their set was from the album Peripheral Vision and they also play their new single from their 7 inch “Humblest of Pleasures”. Turnover played a great set and I am excited to see them again on Monday. If you have not seen Turnover you are messing up big time. They are one of the best bands out there right now.

Turnover, Sports, and Secret Space @ AMH 6/18/16

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