Punk Island 2016

This upcoming Sunday is the annual Punk festival Punk Island. Punk Island is a free festival that is taking place on Governors Island, New York. For a couple of years the festival was previously on Staten Island. This year they have return to where it first originated. Punk Island is all ages event and has eight stages of great punk rock music. The festival contains all of the subgenres of Punk which are Pop Punk and Hardcore. The event starts around 10am and finish around 6pm. There is about over 100 bands playing and there are a lot of great local acts playing from the New York City and Long Island area. If you are going have a great time and enjoy yourself.


Stage #1- Dispatches from the Undeground

TBA, Rats in the Wall, My Pizza My World, Joey Steel & The Attiude Adjusters, Skelptarsis, Skum City, Demencia Alkoholika, Exit 17, Skulbby.

Stage #2- 7-10 Split Records

Lost in Soicety, Nadir, Sketchy, Go Big, In Circles, Enziguri, Freya Wilcox, Up Fro Nothing, Disposable, Queen with A Micropohne.

Stage #3- All We Got Records

After The Fall, The Moms, Taj Motel Trio, Oh My Snare!, Break. Behind Deadlines, Teslas Revenge, Insubouration, Downtrodder, Teenage Halloween.

Stage #4- Suburban Decay

Gone By Friday, Ledgend of You, My Kinda Fire, Nice Shot Kid, So Yesterday, PM Radio, Best Regards, Sweet Lucy.

Stage #5- Hoosatron

Bitchtits, Left In The Attic, Lady Bizness, Heavy Negatives, Lady Bits, Basic Bitches, Thundera, Ellen & The Degenerates, Little Prince.

Stage #6- Brooklyn Transcore

Transrecrifier, Manic Pixi, Sprocket Rocket, Sun Rot, Trashy, Damn Broads, The Homewreckers, One Handed Bandits, Ankle Grease.

Stage #7- Candy Apple Red/SBC

InRod, Thirteen Towers, Zero Rights, American Dischord, Yum-Yuckers, Mutiny Aboard, Fracture, Carbon Thief, Tingles, Fear is Dead.

Stage #8 Gilligan Stage-

Material Support, 16 HPP, Nerves End, NCM, R-Tronika, Mala Vista, Ratas En Zelo, Cell 63, Arson Welles.




Punk Island 2016

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