Raid Fest 2016

This upcoming weekend is the annual Raid Fest. This is a three day festival that features Punk, Hardcore and Metal. This fest proceeds all go to the Charity. There are plenty of great bands on this lineup. The festival takes place at the Fire Base Lloyd Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club of Delaware. The location is Townsend, DE. To Everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself. This is for a great cause.

 June 17th Day One

Accent Music Main Stage: The Screws, Holdfast, Dead End Lane, Infant Mortality, Monger, Disaster Committee, Mime School.

Earle Teat music Pavilion Stage: The Unabombers, prone To Violence, Enemy Insects, Blinding Eye Dog, Narcos, Clobbersaurus.

June 18th Day Two

Accent Music Main Stage: DRI, Urban Waste, US Bastards, Occultist, Teamster, Yo! Scunt, Oceans of Flesh, Floaters, Cadaveric Spasm, Radical Discharge, Creep Crusades, Shithakws, Well Paid Scientist, The Alements.

Earle Teat Music Pavilion Stage: The Nasties, Copstabber, Sonic Plague, Kombat Wombat, Point Blank, The Quickies, The Avoiders, Drunk Ugly & Insane, Decadency, LNT, Delfederate Army.

June 19th Day Three

Accent Music Main Stage: Pity Offer, Sick Shit, Hashgrinder, Crooked Society, Gone Berserk, Embrace Hate, Shutter.

Earle Teat Music Pavilion Stage: Supreme Ritual, Suffer Though, No Nothing, Traitor, Here To Stay, The Blandinas.

Raid Fest 2016

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