Silent Majority Day Two 6/11/16

Last Saturday Silent Majority played their second show of their Reunion weekend in Long Island. The show took place at Revolution Music Hall in Amityville. This was a special event besides being a reunion for the band since the mid 00’s. This was benefit for a passing of a friend of the band and Long Island Hardcore scene. Early this year Rob McAllister passed away. McAllister was the guitarist for the Long Island punk band Iron Chic. The first show they had was with Backtrack and High Card. The Show I attend had Incendiary, Somerset Thrower, and Hangman opening up. Both shows were sold out and this was probably the biggest hardcore show on Long Island so far this year.

Hangman opened up the show. This is my sixth time seeing this up and coming Long Island Hardcore band. Once they were ready and started to play their intro, the crowd was going off for them. Now not the entire sell out crowd was there but a lot of people who I have seen at LIHC shows that always supports Hangman came out and showed a lot love during this set. I love the fact there were a lot of people up front for them. The band kept saying how much this show meant to them. They made announcement that all of the songs they are playing will be on their new release. They said it would come out in July. Overall great set from Hangman. If you like Backtrack, Biohazard, and Neglect this band is for you. They will be doing an East Coast tour with Impact in July and their record release show is on August 3rd with Malice at the Palace and Blistered at AMH.

Up next was Somerset Thrower. This was my third time seeing this Long Island Alternative rock/Grunge band. The last time I saw them was seeing them at the emporium opening for The Story So Far, Basement, and Turnover. Somerset Thrower had a lot of people up front for them. It seemed liked a lot of people were really interested with the band. In an outside perspective people would think why would a grunge band is playing a hardcore show but this band has a strong connection with the LIHC scene. They played a great set. Plus the band covered Fugazi. They covered “Greed” which was really awesome to see for me because Fugazi is one of my all time favorite bands. Somerset Thrower is a great local act and they awesome play a great set. Somerset is one of my favorite local acts from Long Island and they are worth checking out.

Incendiary was up. This is my tenth time seeing this great hardcore band. Incendiary is one of my favorite hardcore bands of this generation. They always play great sets and never let me down. This was my first time seeing them play at Revolution. Most of the time they always play AMH which up on the road on 110. Incendiary started to play and the crowd started to go off. There were not a whole lot of people going off for them. The same crowd that went off for Hangman plus some others was going off for Incendiary. The crowd moshed for them, singing along, and stage diving. Every song on the set had a good reaction. It was not as crazy some of the other times I have seen the band but the band played great. If you are planning to go to Philly for This is Hardcore Incendiary will be playing day three of the festival. Also if you have never seen this band you honestly have been messing up big time.

Silent Majority took the stage. Silent Majority is one of the biggest bands ever to come out of the Long Island Hardcore scene. Once they started to play Revolution went off. For the first thirty seconds the lead singer did not even have to sing. There some parts where he could just give the mic to the audience. The crowd knew every word and it was crazy. Honestly this was the great crowd reaction I ever seen at a show in Long Island. The entire crowd was singing along. By far this was the best reaction I ever seen on this Island between Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk at a show. Most of the people who came to this show were 25 and older and they put all of energy into this set. Between the amount of stage dives and moshing I could not believe the reaction. I loved it 100% and the set Silent Majority played was fantastic. Most of the songs were off the album Life of a Spectator. This set has become number one of top three sets at Revolution beating out Title Fight in 2015 and Touché Amore in 2014. Silent Majority was great overall and if you missed these two shows you messed up big time. Silent Majority is playing two more shows in Brooklyn at the venue Saint Vitus on July 2nd and 3rd. Also I found out the two shows made over $20,000 and will be given to the McAllister family. Overall Silent Majority had a successful reunion and I absolutely enjoyed this show.

Silent Majority Day Two 6/11/16

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