Free Show at the Lyft Stage at Williamsburg Walks 6/11/16

Last Saturday I got another chance to see the White Hot Moon Tour. This time it was a free show in Brooklyn. The show was right on the street of Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. I believe this show was part of the annual Brooklyn music festival Northside Fest. The show Saturday had another performer which was Benny Sings. The artist was not part of the tour he was just playing this one show. This was also an afternoon matinee. The way they had the stage set up is that the stage was right before N 5th street and there was probably 100 feet of street where people could stand and watch. Also they set up some fake grass for people to sit down.

Opening band of the afternoon was Petal. This was my third time seeing this Indie Band. The band is from Scranton, PA. I saw this band the previously where they played to a sold out audience. Saturday was a little bit different because not a lot of people where there to watch. There were a lot of people there passing by for a song or two. It was kind of weird sitting on grass and watching Petal from a far. Petal played a great set again and she played the same exact set as they did the night before. They opened up with my favorite song from them which was “Nature”. All of the songs that were being played were from the album Shame. This was a good set and Petal probably gained fans that were curious to see what was going on.

The second band of the day was Benny Sings. Benny Sings is from Amsterdam and this was my first time seeing them. The music Benny and his band plays is a mix between Pop and R & B. Right off the bat I knew this musician was going to be out of place. It was not the fact I never heard of the artist but the why on stage they present themselves. Seeing sampled drums, saxophone, and other horns I knew they were going to be out of place. The music was very okay it was not my style. The style Benny Sings has reminded me of the 70’s R & B which I am not a huge fan of. I am more of a fan of 50’s and 60’s R & B. It seemed that the crowd was not big into them. It like the band was just background music for everyone else. I personally thought it was weird that they played this show.

Up next was PWR BTTM (Power Bottom). PWR BTTM is a openly gay Indie Punk band. They are a three piece and are a local New York City band. As I mention before they are on currently on tour with Pity Sex and Petal. The night before they got an insane reaction from the crowd but last Saturday I was kind of hoping to see a repeat of that. Unfortunately that did not happen but the band went off as expected. There were a lot of people upfront for them and I notice more people singing along to them then any of the other bands playing that day. PWR BTTM play very catchy upbeat music and they are probably one of the best upcoming bands right now. I would not be surprise if this band blows up in the near future. Out of all of the bands I mention in this article this band you should check out first. I honestly can not wait for them to play their next show.

Pity Sex was up. This band is from Michigan and this was my third time seeing them. They are a Shoegaze band and currently on tour supporting their new White Hot Moon which came out last April. There were a lot of people there for them and they were loudest band of the day. I am pretty sure they had a lot of people who were just walking around stayed for this set. There were not a lot of people singing along to their set at all. Just like a repeat of the night before where the crowd was dead for Pity Sex. I felt like I was the only one who knew the words for them. They played the same exact set from the night before which was fine with me. Pity Sex was great especially playing outside. Usually when bands that are Shoegaze or bands that rely on pedals the sound is comes out funny. I do not know why but watch videos of Deftones or Ride or My Bloody Valentine and compare them playing indoors and outdoors. You can tell that difference. Besides this, Pity Sex played a great set. If you have not seen Pity Sex you are messing up big time.


Free Show at the Lyft Stage at Williamsburg Walks 6/11/16

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