Pity Sex, PWR BTTM, Petal @ The Bowery Ballroom 6/10/16

Last Friday, Pity Sex played a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom. Pity Sex is currently on tour supporting their new album White Hot Moon. Their support for the show and tour was PWR BTTM and Petal. I have been to the Bowery Ballroom a few times all were sold out shows. This was a no barricade show but I was not expecting anybody to stage dive during this show. Last time I was here was the Citizen and Turnover show back in April.

Opening band of the night was Petal. This was my second time seeing this Scranton, PA Indie band. The band has only one permanent member which is the lead singer Kiley Lotz. Sometimes the fill in members are members from other Pennsylvania Indie bands like Tiger’s Jaw and Three Man Cannon. Petal sound mixes with some Indie, Emo and some Jangle Pop. They have a little bit of the 90’s influenced to them. They opened with the best song they ever written which was “Nature”. I love the way the song opens with the drum intro. All of the songs from the set were from the album Shame which came out last fall. Besides that Petal played a great set and it was great that there a lot of people there to see them. This was a perfect show for them especially the fact they are opening for their label mates on Run for Cover Pity Sex. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see this band if they haven’t yet.

Up next was PWR BTTM (Power Bottom). PWR BTTM is a local New York City band that is openly gay. This is my first time ever seeing a “Queercore” or “Queer Punk” band. I have been hearing a lot of great things about this band. PWR BTTM is a catchy fun Indie Punk band that everyone could easily sing along to and can go crazy for. Once they started to play their first note the crowd went off. Now the crowd was not moshing or stage diving but they jumping up and down and sang their hearts out. This is almost as close as the reaction that Sorority Noise got back at this venue in April. It seemed that most of the crowd was going off. I could not believe how many people were singing along to them. Overall PWR BTTM will be huge in no time. I loved what I heard and the band was just great. PWR BTTM is band worth checking out especially after reading this article.

Pity Sex took the stage. Pity Sex is a Shoegaze band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is my second time seeing them. As I mention before the band is currently on tour supporting their new album White Hot Moon which came out last April. I was pretty excited for this set. It seemed like a good portion of the crowd left before they got on. I thought that was strange. The first two songs of the set were the first two songs on the album. It seemed like no one knew the words at all to these new songs. I was not mad but I was disappointed with the crowd. Once they started to play some older songs people started to go off. It was pretty tame compare to PWR BTTM set. PWR BTTM probably took all of the energy of this crowd. When I saw Pity Sex back in October for CMJ Run for Cover showcase people were moshing and stage diving. Pity sex played a great set that lasted for over forty minutes. They played all of the songs I loved from them. The crowd for this set was weak which was surprising . Besides this every band of the night was great and worth checking out. I glad that the following day I will be able to see the same lineup.

Pity Sex, PWR BTTM, Petal @ The Bowery Ballroom 6/10/16

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